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Provide your move-in and move-out dates, guest details and contact information which will then be sent as a request to the landlord of your chosen apartment. Once the landlord approves your request, you will receive an email within 48 hours that will guide you through the billing and payment process so you can finalize your booking. In the case of instant bookings, the process is even faster! After providing the required information, you can book the apartment by clicking 'Confirm and book now' without prior approval from the landlord.

Unfortunately, we do not offer apartment viewings at this point in time. Nevertheless we always make sure all images and details of our apartments are always up to date.

Yes, most landlords on Homelike will be able to provide a certificate of residence so that you can register at the citizen's office. You can find this information on the apartment listing under the landlord section.

The rental price always includes the rent and the utility costs such as water, electricity, gas, heating and wifi and the service fee in case it applies to your apartment. Further costs covering the optional or mandatory services will be issued per invoice by your landlord. Please note in case your landlord requires a security deposit, you will need to pay the deposit directly to your landlord shortly before the move-in date. The deposit will be returned to you right after you move out, on the condition that there have been no damages caused to the property during the tenancy. Further details will be provided by your landlord.

You can complete your booking by clicking on 'Finish booking' in your Homelike dashboard. We will guide you through billing, contact, payment details and -if applies- digital rental agreement signature to successfully complete the booking process. In case your move-in date is within 2 months, we will charge you instantly. If your move-in date is later, we will charge your chosen payment method shortly before you move in.

You may cancel your booking at any time, however, the cancellation policy will apply. If you cancel your booking before the landlord has approved your request, you will not be charged. If you cancel the request after it has been finalized, the cancellation policy will apply. Please be sure to review the apartment's cancellation and termination policy during the booking process.

We are happy to extend your stay on the conditions that the apartment is available and your landlord is willing to extend it. Please visit your Homelike dashboard, select your booking and click on 'Request extension' on the booking sidebar. Once you send the extension request, our booking management team is happy to mediate the process between you and your landlord.

We generally support payments via card payments such as Mastercard, Visa, Amex and other local card providers. Alternatively, you can pay via wire bank transfer inside the EU zone and pay per invoice. In case you run into issues during the payment process or require an alternative payment option, you can always contact us via - we are happy to support you!

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