Apartment in Madrid, Madrid

3 Bedroom Apartment with terrace in Chamberí

3 bedrooms   •  
3 beds   •  
2 bathrooms   •  
6 guests   •  
135 m²   •  
Ground floor

About This Property

Into the hallway, the first door on the right leads to the first bedroom. Organic shapes theme the room with a large circular mirror reflecting the queen-sized bed. Floor-to-ceiling closet space is to the left of the room while the glass door to the right offers the second entrance onto the balcony. Across from the first bedroom, the hallway branches into two. Turning towards the left hallway, guests will find the second bedroom to the right. Similar geometrics are continued throughout the room with a full-sized mirror at the front of the room and a bough-like headboard framing the queen-sized bed. Facing the foot of the bed, a full-sized closet is presented. The next door to the right is a detached bathroom. Traditional black and white tiling cover the floor while subway tile continues up the walls and into the shower-tub combination. A comfortable, two-person breakfast bar sits in the center. Design meets utility with state-of-the-art appliances and kitchenware. A hunter-green brick lay gives the space texture and splendor. Through the bedroom doors, the closet space sits to the left while the attached bathroom is straight on. Organic, textured walls create a spa-like experience carried into the all-glass rainshower. The bathroom is finished with a spacious double vanity. Back through the bedroom, a plush queen-sized bed sits in the center with a sunrise-inspired headboard resting behind it. The glass door to the right leads to the final entrance of the balcony.