Apartment in Wien, Favoriten

The Bright 5.

1 bedroom   ‱  
1 bed   ‱  
1 bathroom   ‱  
3 guests   ‱  
53 mÂČ Â  ‱  
11. floor

About This Property

Whether for a family visit, business trip, vacation, trip with friends or just an escape from everyday life, this apartment is for all occasions. This spacious apartment impresses with a modern and practical interior. Fitness room, party room and sauna are available. The view from the 11th floor is magnificent. 15-20min by public transport to the city center. Likewise, numerous green spaces nearby. All that's missing is you and your suitcase. Access for guests Fitness is available with full equipment. Party room and sauna must be reserved one week before use. Terrace, washing machine and storage room (extra bed linen, towels, toilet paper, etc.) and a garage on top.