6 Useful Tips to Stay Healthy When Travelling on Business

Eat healthy during business trips

Staying healthy during business trips can be hard. Most business travelers have probably experienced the negative effects frequent business travel can have on our bodies, energy levels and overall health.  However, there are a few easy ways to avoid this and stay healthy no matter where you go.  In this article, […]

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Anmeldung | How to Register Your Address in Germany

Everything you need to know about registering your address in Germany When relocating to Germany or staying for business trips longer than three months, you may encounter the unpleasantries of the German bureaucratic system. The Einwohnermeldeamt, or the Resident’s Registration Office, will be the first exposure to this system for […]

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How To Create An Effective Corporate Travel Policy In 2020

10 Essential Steps to Creating a Corporate Travel Policy Whether you’re arranging face-to-face meetings, coordinating training programs or planning for an employee relocation, it is important to have a business travel policy in place that gives specific guidelines on how to manage work-related trips. Setting out a clear process will […]

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4 Surprising Things Europeans Want From Business Travel

Travelling for business, with all its colourful, cultural experiences, is both exciting and challenging for employees. It has the potential to be fulfilling and even life-changing for those who experience the best of it. At Homelike, we’ve researched the ins and outs of business travel to find out what tickles […]

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