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Things to do in Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg: Artsy, Trendy and Quirky

Kreuzberg: Everything You Need to Know Probably the coolest neighborhood in all of Germany, Kreuzberg is iconic. Trendy, bohemian and quirky, the district is Berlin’s number one hipster zone, packed with top-knotted Instagram influencers, endless street art, and lots of avocado on toast. But beyond all those clichés, there’s so

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Montmartre: France’s Most Famous District

Everything You Need to Know about Montmartre Hip, happening and trendy, Montmartre is one of France’s most famous districts. Cobbled, crooked and labyrinthine, it’s like someone took all the romantic Parisian cliches and stuffed them into one hill-topped area. Attractive and atmospheric, Montmartre is a great place to vacation, live

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Things to do in Paris

Best Things to do in Paris for Tourists and Locals

Things to do in and near Paris One of the most visited, most famous and most blogged-about cities on the planet, Paris is incredible. But despite its almost-unparalleled popularity, we’re throwing our hat into the ring and joining the clamor, adding one more Paris blog post to a long list

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Housing for digitaal nomads

How to find accommodation as a digital nomad

Finding housing for digital nomads It’s safe to say that the last few years have seen some of the biggest changes in the way we live our day-to-day lives. From lockdowns at home and absences from the workplace to non-existent socializing and an end to leisure activities – life, as

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Living in Europe- Best places

21 Best Places to Live in Europe

Best places/ cities to live in Europe The European continent is made up of an eclectic mosaic of countries, each one with its own culture, defining traits, and histories. This rich tapestry of nations is what makes Europe such an appealing place to live. So which of its hundreds of

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Best places to live in the UK

12 Best Places to Live in the UK

Best Places to Live in the UK With just over 90,000 square miles, the relatively small island nation of the United Kingdom is home to a flurry of fantastic cities. From the Scottish capital of Edinburgh in the north to the coastal city of Southampton on the south coast and

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London neighborhoods for families

Family-Friendly Neighborhoods to Live in London

10 Best London Neighborhoods for Families As one of the largest cities in all of Europe, London is, without doubt, one of the most popular destinations for families to live in the UK and on the entire continent. From its vast multiculturalism and multilingual communities to its endless job opportunities as a

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Brussels neighborhoods

10 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Brussels

Where to live in Brussels – the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Brussels Thinking about moving to Brussels, Belgium? Hunting for the best Brussels neighborhoods for expats?  Famous for frites, politics and the world’s best beer (sorry Germany), Brussels is the political epicenter of the EU, making it a massively

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Dublin neighborhoods

10 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Dublin

Where to Live in Dublin, Ireland Considering moving to Dublin, Ireland? Looking for the best districts in Dublin for expats?  We’ve brought you a simple guide to the often complicated geography of the city, including the center, its outskirts and those indefinable little areas which straddle the two. If you’re

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Best places in Vienna

16 Best Neighbourhoods to Live in Vienna

Best neighborhoods to live in Vienna for families, expats, students, and more As Austria’s capital, Vienna has been at the cornerstone of central European culture for centuries. Viennese culture has spilled out internationally through its music, history, cuisines, and architecture. The cultural vibrancy of Austria, and particularly its capital Vienna, has

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Paris neighborhoods 2

The Absolute Best Neighborhoods to live in Paris

The Ultimate Guide to Paris Neighborhoods and Arrondissements Home to 20 neighborhoods, or arrondissements à la française, choosing the best Parisian neighborhood for your wants and needs isn’t the easiest task. Unique to Paris, the arrondissements are organized in a spiral formation, with 1 to 11 making up the central

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Amsterdam neighborhoods and apartments

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Amsterdam

Best Neighborhoods in Amsterdam Laid-back and cosy, Amsterdam is a city which has comfort at its core.  It’s a warm, welcoming and homely city, making it a logical and appealing choice for anyone considering a relocation. Because of its friendly atmosphere and languid magnetism, Amsterdam is quickly becoming one of

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Barcelona neighborhoods 1

13 of the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Barcelona

Barcelona’s Best Neighborhoods: Find Your Next Home Compared to other metropolitan cities around the world, Barcelona may be significantly smaller, but that doesn’t mean to say that the city doesn’t have variation. In fact, Barcelona is the most popular tourist destination in Spain and attracts all sorts of people hoping

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Berlin neighborhoods

12 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Berlin

The Ultimate Guide to Berlin’s Best neighborhoods Trendy, unique, and frenetic, Berlin is one of the most exciting cities in Germany and on the planet.  It’s also slowly becoming one of the world’s most desirable places to live, with people around the world flocking to start a new life in

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Where to Live in Potsdam: Best Neighbourhoods

Not only its close proximity to Berlin, Germany makes Potsdam high in demand with business travelers and apartments hunters. Potsdam’s old buildings and parks are also part of its charm. The most popular neighbourhoods are the inner city, Babelsberg, Brandenburger Vorstadt and Jägervorstadt. The city center of Potsdam Potsdam’s city

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