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No more overpriced Hotels

Here you would see an illustration of how much money you can save with a furnished apartment during trade shows

Exhibitors often have longer preparation times in preparation for trade shows. Booking accommodation in a hotel is less than pleasant during this time, as hotels offer little privacy and are very expensive during trade shows. Since hotels often inflate prices during trade shows, a one-month stay in a Homelike apartment is more affordable and ends up paying for itself—you don’t even have to stay for the entire month! As an organizer of a trade show, it is also easy to accommodate employees who arrive one after the other and save yourself from having to search for a hotel again.

Furnished apartments are also a good alternative for visitors to the trade show, as there is a risk that hotels will either be fully booked or unaffordable. With a furnished apartment from Homelike, you can combine your visit to the trade show with a more extended stay in the city.

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