Earn valuable award miles during your stay – just like you would in a hotel!

With every booking on Homelike, you choose one of three Service Packages. The Basic Package only includes rent and utilities whereas the Standard or Premium Package include additional Homelike services, for example AXA insurance coverage. 

Find out how you can increase the comfort of your stay with the Homelike Service Packages and check out the additional services that are included in the Standard and Premium Package:

This is how it works:

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Enter your Miles & More service card number during the booking process of your furnished apartment on our platform or in your user profile.

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Move into your furnished apartment. After the first month, we will automatically reward you with the miles according to your Service Package.

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Each additional month you spent in an apartment booked through us also automatically generates award miles – this includes new bookings as well as extensions.

Note: Miles & More award miles cannot be credited retroactively. You can only earn miles for apartment bookings made after 20.09.2018. Award miles will only be credited for the time you stayed in the apartment. If you move out early, you will only earn miles for each full month spent in the apartment. In case of cancellations, miles will not be rewarded. For extensions, you will earn award miles according to your Service Package.

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