May We Introduce: The New Homelike Dashboard

We are delighted to introduce to you the new Homelike Dashboard. Besides the new design and an improved overview, it offers many new functions. Learn more about how the Dashboard makes your work with Homelike even easier in this article!

  • All important functions are now accessible within 3 clicks or less
  • Businesses benefit from an improved team administration and invoice overview
  • Landlords can easily update the availability from their smartphone with the Homelike web app

Our Vision

Here you would see an image of our new dashboard on desktop and mobile

Easier. Faster. More appealing.

By limiting the new Homelike Dashboard to the essentials, we make using our platform more convenient than ever.  In order to introduce further functions in the future and to make your work with us more efficient, we have redesigned the user interface completely.


And this is just the beginning: At Homelike, we aim to become the tool for all your administrative tasks in the future.

Optimized for Smartphone and Tablet. Advanced for Desktop.

Now you can easily access and manage your apartment listings and requests on the go. We made sure that the most important functions are within easy reach. All categories and pages are accessible with a maximum of 3 clicks.


Even complex tables with many columns can be read on all smartphones. If necessary, you can filter them according to your needs – on your smartphone, your tablet, and your PC.

Hier würden Sie ein Bild des Dashboards in Desktop und Mobile Ansicht sehen

At the same time, we extended the desktop view with a new sidebar. The sidebar shows you all relevant information on the selected entry without hiding other entries. Would you like to compare different requests? This can easily be done with the new function. Simply select the respective request and the information is immediately updated in the sidebar. You can also use this function on your smartphone and tablet.

New Features for Corporate Partners

Bringing together what belongs together

We have brought together all company-related information and functions in the Company tab. The team administration under the tab Team Settings has become clearer and easier to use, too. Here, you can invite new team members and you have access to further team settings.


As usual, you can find your billing addresses under the main tab Finance. As a company, you have access to your billing addresses there and you can change them. In addition, you have the option to view and download your previous invoices here at any time.

New Functions for Landlords

As a landlord, you can now change the availability of your apartments at any time without having to open the detailed view. This makes updating the availability from your smartphone easier than ever!


Just a click on the apartment, select a date and your apartment can be requested by tenants again. Since recently updated listings will be ranked higher in the Homelike search results, it is worth regularly updating the availability of your apartments!

Hier würden Sie sehen, wie man im Dashboard die Verfügbarkeiten updated

App icons on your home screen

Homelike can also be used as a mobile web app on your smartphone. The web app gives you faster access to the Homelike Dashboard and simplifies the mobile communication with Homelike.

For more information and instructions on downloading the web app, visit our Help Center.

Your feedback is important to us

The new design is the first step to better adapt to your needs. If you have any ideas, comments or problems, you can always call us or email us at We will continue to inform you about new features in the future!

Manuela Maiwald

Manuela Maiwald is responsible for content marketing and SEO at Homelike. She wishes commercial space travel was already a thing. Book your next Homelike Apartment on the moon!