Managing Your Bookings Efficiently With The Homelike Corporate Account

Despite advancements in technology making communication across borders the norm, there is a higher need than ever before for employees to travel far and wide for business. In fact, international business travel has been steadily increasing, and companies are spending more on travel every year. A higher volume of travelers means travel managers are organizing more trips during the year.

To ease the workload it takes to plan a trip, travel management tools are on the rise. For the lodging side, Homelike has created an all-in-one management solution for booking and managing long-term business accommodation.

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Manage Multiple Users On One Account

For travel managers, the Homelike corporate account is a dream. Setting up a corporate account on Homelike is easy and free. As account administrator, you can invite multiple employees, delegate administrative privileges, and keep track of apartments employees are staying in and invoices.

As a travel manager, you have the power to decide who can access your company’s free Homelike account, and what they can do. You can either book for your business traveler or add them as an account user and allow them to book for themselves. On your account’s dashboard, you can also view the status of pending requests and information about current bookings.

Allow Travelers To Book Their Own Accommodation

Personalization is the key for employees to feel comfortable during their long travels. Research shows that high level of individualism and comfort of employees leads to more productivity while they’re living out of their comfort zone. In other words: business travelers want to choose their accommodation themselves, and use technology to do it. That’s why Homelike gives you, the travel manager, the chance to allow employees to choose and book their accommodation themselves.

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First class service

Finding long-term accommodation that fits the needs of your business travelers can be downright exhausting.  No need to feel overwhelmed. Every corporate account has an assigned contact person at Homelike. Whether you need to find 60 apartments in Berlin or you have a question about an apartment, your partner at Homelike is ready to assist you. The best part? This service is free of charge.

Browse, Book, and Sign—Completely Online

Once you or your employee choose an apartment and the landlord approves your request, the next step is to review the rental agreement and sign this online. With a corporate account, you can decide whether to pay directly online or by invoice.

By the way—all of our apartments have been verified to be business ready. Meaning no matter which apartment you or your employee chooses, they can enter their new apartment and feel right at home in a fully-furnished, fully-equipped apartment. Of course, that includes a high-speed internet connection, a necessity for employees on-the-go.

Emily Byrne

Emily Byrne is responsible for content marketing and translations at Homelike. Although she now lives in Germany, she originally hails from Idaho, USA—and no, that's not located in the midwest.