5 tips for feeling and eating well on business trips

Most frequent business travelers have probably experienced the negative effects which business travel can have on our bodies, energy levels and overall health. However, there are a few easy ways to avoid this and stay healthy no matter where you are working. In this article, we have compiled some practical tips to improve your wellbeing and energy levels on business trips:

1.  Stay hydrated!

Dehydration is one of the main reasons for feeling tired and sluggish when traveling, for business as well as for leisure. Especially when you are traveling by plane and through different time zones, drinking water, avoiding alcohol and too much caffeine can help you feel awake and energetic.

Water helps you to stay hydrated

2. Make sure to get enough sleep!

It’s not always easy going to bed early, especially when you are working away from home. Business trips often come with stressful schedules. That is why it’s important to schedule enough time for sleeping, as sleep deprivation results in low energy levels and can cause various illnesses in the long-term.


If you tend to not get enough sleep on business trips, bedtime reminder apps might be a great tool for you. There’s a great variety for iOS and Android apps you should try out if you usually end up staying up too late.

3. Stick to your meal plan and avoid unhealthy foods on the road!

Cooking healthy meals helps business travelers to stay energizes

Cook your own meals

Today, there are various types of business travel accommodation which offer cooking facilities, e.g. serviced apartments. This allows you to make your own healthy meals instead of eating out every day of the week. For short-term trips, aparthotels can be a great option. For long-term business trips of 30 days and more, Homelike offers furnished flats and serviced apartments with a fully-equipped kitchen.


Cooking facilities enable you to cook delicious and easy-to-prepare meals which you can find at Kitchen Stories and similar apps and websites. And even culinary delicatessen like the Turkish lentil soup can easily be prepared here.

Start your day with a nutritious breakfast

A good example of a healthy first meal for the day is this breakfast in a jar:

Breakfast in a jar

70 g Greek yoghurt

2 tbsp honey

5 tbsp granola

mixed berries


Breakfast in a jar

This delicious breakfast jar is a perfect time-saver. Just prepare it the night before and store it in the fridge. Alternatively, you can assemble it in less than 5 minutes in the morning and enjoy a healthy breakfast on-the-go. This is an easy life-hack for a great start to your day.

Pack your own snacks

We suggest packing your own snacks, like sandwiches, trail mixes, smoothies etc. for long flights or car rides. Those who get hungry on the road tend to buy unhealthy snacks, as they are cheap and easily available.

4. Exercise frequently!

Exercise is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. It’s not always easy to find the motivation to hit the gym on business trips. However, your health and energy levels will improve drastically if you incorporate some running into your business travel lifestyle. If possible, look out for close-by gyms and sports clubs which offer day-passes and short-term subscriptions.

exercise helps business travelers to stay healthy

5. Take care of your digestive health!

Many business travelers find that they struggle with their digestion, especially when they don’t have regular meals and end up ordering large meals at restaurants night after night. Not every person’s body works the same but general tips for promoting a better digestion include:


1.  Make lunch your largest meal. Filling up at lunch and having a lighter dinner contributes to having a better digestion and getting a better night’s sleep.

2. Eat probiotics like yoghurt, kimchi, and kombucha. For many people, eating those result in a better gut health and digestion. Plus, they are believed to have a positive effect on one’s immune system.

Ina Möllers

Ina Möllers is responsible for PR and Content Marketing at Homelike. She previously lived in Tokyo, London, and Berlin but recently returned to her roots in Cologne where she's trying to crack the secret to baking the world's best banana bread.