How to stay fit and healthy on business trips

Business trips can pose health risks


Business trips lead to increased stress. This is old news and has been known at least since 2002 when a study showed that 75% of all business travelers suffer from much or very much stress. But it wasn’t until May 2018 that a study published in the Harvard Business Review revealed how harmful frequent business travel really is. The results show a clear correlation between frequent and long-term business trips and health problems.


For example, the average BMI of people who spend an average of 14 nights or more per month on business trips is significantly higher than for people who are only on business trips for one to six nights. And that’s not all: many people reported showing symptoms of depression, anxiety and alcohol addiction. They tend to have higher blood pressure, suffer from sleep disorders, smoke, and do not exercise. Back problems and asthma are also reported more often for frequent business travelers. That’s why it’s important for you to stay physically fit even on a business trip!

Fit und gesund auf geschaeftsreise

Business travelers tend to eat poorly


Although only a fraction of business travellers (12%) actually travel for 14 or more nights a month, the problem affects several million people worldwide. Professional groups such as management consultants, project members, interim managers, etc. are particularly affected. It is also clear that such massive health problems have a negative impact on their work and productivity.


The reasons include tight schedules, hectic daily routines, but also the fact that companies usually provide their employees with inconvenient hotel accommodation. Hotels offer little privacy and flexibility, and hardly allow you to eat healthily without cooking facilities. Instead, the majority of business travelers switch to buffets, restaurants and delivery services, and thus to a rather unhealthy diet.


A solution for long-term business trips of one month or longer are furnished apartments or serviced apartments from Homelike. In addition to a kitchen and high-speed Internet access, they also offer you the flexibility and well-being you know from your own home. More importantly, you can implement a healthy daily routine, even in another city or country.

Gesunde Ernaehrung Geschäftsreise

Exercise is crucial for a healthy lifestyle

The lack of regular exercise can lead to serious health problems. For a long time, business traveler’s gym memberships would expire unused, while all they could do was try to motivate themselves to go for a run outside.


But exercise offers enormous benefits, especially for business travelers: Those who burn off energy and try out different ways of exercising from time to time can ‘mentally switch off’ and maintain their fitness level.


With membership in the Urban Sports Club, frequent business trips and exercise are no longer mutually exclusive: More than 2,000 partner locations and 50 different sports are waiting to be discovered in 24 German cities. Instead of spending every evening on the couch, your fitness program could look like this: Yoga in Hamburg, wellness in Frankfurt, swimming in Munich. The nearest gym is only a look at your smartphone app away.

Incorporate exercise into your daily routine

Even if you have absolutely no time to visit a gym, you can incorporate small exercises into your daily routine. Although the familiar gym environment may be missing, your focus can be directed to the new exercises and thus a worthwhile time-out can be created.


Why not use your time on the plane for some old-school progressive muscle relaxation (PMR)? Have you ever tried to stand on one leg with your eyes closed, or extended your morning routine with a few sun salutations from yoga?

Whatever you do on a business trip, make sure to keep moving! Discussing a matter “over a coffee” might as well be done during a walk and instead of a taxi, a 15-minute walk can provide the setting for your important physical activity.

Fitness Sport Auf Geschaeftsreise

How to increase well-being on business trips


People who travel frequently or for particularly long periods for business can do a lot for their own well-being.  It is also important, however, that companies actively initiate or expand measures for healthy and fit business travelers. Ultimately, it is not least the employer who benefits from a healthy and thus productive employee.


It is important for those affected to clearly understand the risks of the business travel lifestyle and actively initiate countermeasures, at best even before health problems arise. Exercise, nutrition and a regular daily routine are the most important factors for this. An Urban Sports Club membership can be particularly helpful, as it gives you the opportunity to maintain your usual fitness routine on the road. Homelike apartments, on the other hand, offer you the comfort of your own home and allow you to cook freshly and thus contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Ina Möllers

Ina Möllers is responsible for PR and Content Marketing at Homelike. She previously lived in Tokyo, London, and Berlin but recently returned to her roots in Cologne where she's trying to crack the secret to baking the world's best banana bread.