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Flexible and individual temporary accommodation

The modern business world requires a high degree of flexibility. According to calculations from the German Federation of Trade Unions, commuting over long distances is common for about three million people in Germany. In addition, projects and long-term continued education or training bring workers to cities far from home. Sometimes this commute cannot be made on a daily basis, which increases the need for second homes. Serviced apartments offer a short-term and uncomplicated solution without a long search. These are half-apartment, half-hotel room. In contrast to the long-term accommodation in the hotel, they are more cost-effective and offer the traveler a feeling of home.

Number of commuters per state

State Number of Commuters
Baden-Würtemberg 368,000
North Rhine-Westphalia 364,000
Hesse 340,000
Hamburg 334,000
Bavaria 325,000
Berlin 283,000
Lower Saxony 261,000
Rhineland-Palatinate 159,000
Brandenburg 130,000
Bremen 130,000
Schleswig-Holstein 119,000
Saxony 100,000
Saxony-Anhalt 68,000
Thuringia 63,000
Saarland 56,000
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 27,000
Statistik Pendler In Deutschland

The market for corporate housing in Germany

The demand for apartments, especially temporary apartments, continues to grow. Currently, the hospitality industry records about six million overnight stays per year in Germany, especially in the top five cities of Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, and Dusseldorf. These account for 62% of the hospitality industry in Germany. The demand for overnight stays yields four times as much, according to the German Business Travel Association (VDR).

The German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) defines a serviced apartment as an accommodation facility, which is mainly used by long-term users in an urban environment. These rooms are furnished as private apartments, and services can range from a very small offer to full hotel-like service. Further amenities include WiFi, telephone and washing machine. These apartments also differ in size, and accommodate a single person or even a large family.

The housing market in Great Britain

While it’s fairly easy to find the right accommodation in the smaller towns of Great Britain, it’s much harder to find a place to stay in bigger cities like London. The rent prices have steadily risen during the past couple of years and even though the British like to buy property, particularly young people have to fall back on renting apartments. That’s why the apartment market, especially in London is exhausted and temporary furnished apartments have become a great source for people who need an alternative on short notice.

Brexit has created a lot of uncertainty, especially for business travelers who are staying in Great Britain for a while. Furnished apartment can be terminated on a monthly basis. That way people from outside the UK are able to react quickly to any new political developments.

Moving to Switzerland

Furnished apartments in Switzerland are a great alternative to Hotels and not just for businesspeople. The housing market in Switzerland is generally very competitive. That’s mainly because there are three set move out dates: March 31, June 30 and September 30. If you need to move to Switzerland at a different time you might have trouble finding the right fit. Temporary furnished apartments are a great solution for a transition time between having to move and actually finding an apartment.

Different housing concepts for commuter apartments

There are different models and choices for short-term or temporary housing. In general, properties are offered for a limited period regardless of size, facility or equipment. In most cases, the apartments are already furnished, offering tenants an individual retreat. In addition to business travelers, the concept can also be of interest to people who need to move quickly to an apartment for private reasons, such as a divorce or short-term care of a relative. Temporary housing can be subdivided into the concepts of furnished apartments and boarding houses.

Temporary housing is often connected with intermediate- or subleasing. In doing so, private providers (unlike homelike, since we only work with professional landlords) rent out their home when they travel for a longer period of time or work in another city. The disadvantage, however, is that private providers can not issue a proper invoice. Business travelers should, therefore, choose to rent a furnished apartment from a professional provider (such as Homelike), an apartment-hotel, or a boarding house.

Some hotels also offer fully furnished apartments with their own kitchen and bathroom. Usually, the normal hotel services are included in the price (cleaning service and breakfast), which is especially advantageous for business travelers with little time. However, these aparthotels are booked on a nightly basis, which is why they are mainly only suitable for short-term and temporary use. For a longer rental, a boarding house offers similar services to an aparthotel. In an urban environment, fully equipped apartments are also an option, which can be booked, depending on availability, with full service.

Important factors during the rental period

Deciding which concept is most suitable depends on the purpose of the housing, and whether the apartment is rented by a private individual or a company. The following factors should be considered:

  • Costs
  • Rental period
  • Features
  • Bureaucracy

Costs and features of furnished apartments

As in the case of ordinary renting, the cost of renting a fixed-term period depends on the quality of the amenities and furnishing. It should be noted that there are no rent control for furnished apartments, which usually limits local rental prices.
Ultimately, prices for commercial providers are for single-digit to low-double-digit amounts per night, which can be reduced with a longer rental period. For upscale to luxurious features, rates can reach three-digit amounts per night.
In addition to a fully furnished apartment, additional services, such as a cleaning or laundry service, can also be advantageous for business travelers. These services usually come at a premium fee. In addition, the payment of a deposit can be added. It should also be clarified in advance whether additional costs, such as a final cleaning, will arise and how expensive for the Internet and telephone are charged.

Cost of accommodation in a furnished apartment compared to the cost of a hotel, using the example of Berlin (cost per month)
*Quelle: Trivago Hotel Price Index

Sie sparen bei Wohnen auf Zeit mit Homelike im Vergleich zum Hotel

Duration of temporary tenancy

Providers often have a set period of time in which an apartment is available. While apartment-hotels offer a short-term solution, stays in intermediate rentals or boarding houses can be completed over a longer period of time. Seekers should check in advance whether there is a minimum lease period or if a lease extension is possible.

Bureaucratic rules for serviced apartments

Private landlords must note that, for a period of more than six weeks, the property owner must be informed of the interim or sub-letting, which he may reasonably object to. Furthermore, the revenue from subletting must be indicated in tax declarations. However, only actual profits have to be taxed, for example, if the subletting rate is far more expensive than the actual rental rate.
If you rent, however, is particularly important for business travelers and companies that an ordinary invoice is issued.This should be done with professional providers.


Whether you rent the apartment through a private person or a professional provider, a lease should be signed by both parties and a transfer protocol must be completed.

Searching for a furnished apartment

There are numerous online portals that provide apartments on a temporary basis. Using a search form, the offer can be adapted to an individual’s criteria such as property type, rental period and desired equipment.
Reputable providers are characterized by a transparent mediation process without hidden costs, detailed information about the apartments, and direct customer service which is always available. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that landlords are professional providers and the apartments are tested.
Alternatively, an agency can be commissioned to look for accommodation. This often also takes care of the organization of a cleaning service and guarantees a quality claim. Conversely, commission costs are incurred if the agency is successful in finding an apartment.

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