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Temporary housing in Bonn

Temporary housing in Bonn

Bonn, the former capitol of Germany, was the seat of government until 1991 and is the birthplace of Beethoven. There are many statehouses left and a lot of companies have settled here. For example, Bonn’s Deutsche Post has an office building that is 162.5 meters high and a landmark building in Bonn’s skyline. The main building of the University of Bonn is the Electoral Palace, one of Bonn’s landmarks, which attracts many students each year. The demand for apartments is therefore very high. Because Bonn has been the German location of the United Nations since 1991, a lot of travellers and delegates are staying here. That means that hotels are often busy all year round and a furnished apartment should be considered for a longer stay. Homelike offers apartments for everyone from students to delegates.

Furnished apartments in Bonn

Furnished apartments in Bonn

Staying in Bonn with family

Staying in Bonn with family

Popular neighbourhoods in Bonn

Not only its close proximity to Cologne makes Bonn popular with travelers. If you’re renting an apartment here you will feel right at home because this beautiful city is close to the Siebengebirge and the Rhine flows through it. The city combines nature, education and business. Get more info about Bonn’s districts Bonn-Zentrum, Bonn Old Town, Poppelsdorf, Kessenich and Bad Godesberg, as well as a selection of Homelike’s furnished apartments, here.

Bonn’s city center: Bonn Zentrum

Several shopping streets run through the winding alleys of Bonn’s city center. Because of these alleys, living here isn’t as noisy as in big cities, even though it does get busy on weekends. Business travelers, Expats or students who are looking for a furnished apartment in the city center are right at the heart of events. The Electoral Palace, which holds the University of Bonn, and the adjacent court garden are located here. There are also many restaurants, bars and club which offer a variety of food and entertainment.

Bonn’s Stadtteil Kessenich

Kessenich is a popular district in Bonn because on the one hand there is a good connection to the city center via tram and on the other there are many parks and recreation areas nearby, like Venusberg and Rheinaue. An interesting aspect that sets Kessenich apart from other districts is that there is a faint smell of liquorice in the air. This smell comes from the Haribo factory and is especially popular with kids. Many companies have settled near this district, which makes it very popular with business travellers. Because the demand for hotels is very high, booking a temporary furnished apartment is a good idea.

Living in Bonn’s Old Town

The locals call the north part of Bonn “Old Town” but it is not the actual Old Town of the city. During the second world war the original Old Town was almost completely destroyed. The North town is known today as Old town because there are a lot of small pubs, bars and restaurants. Even unusual shops like antique shops and a Spanish bookstore can be found here. The cherry blossom trees that Bonn is famous for flourish in this part of town. Even though many tourists are coming here the Old Town is quiet because most streets are one-way streets. It should be noted that finding a parking space is very difficult in this part of town. Overall living in this district is very pleasant because there’s a friendly and homely atmosphere and it is very close to the city center. The buildings are mostly old buildings with high ceilings.

Bonn Bad Godesberg

Bad Godesberg was once an independent town but in 1969 it was incorporated into Bonn. That’s why this part of town is slightly outside of the city core. If you like to take trips you should look for an apartment in Bad Godesberg. This district is located right next to big natural parks, like the Rheinaue and Kottenforst that offer a wide range of pub gardens and cafés. The volcano of Rodderberg is also very close, as is the Drachenfels (Dragonrock). Bad Godesberg has its own town center but the city center of Bonn is easily reachable by public transport or car.

The district of Bonn Poppelsdorf

Poppelsdorf is one of the most popular, yet expensive districts of Bonn. Poppelsdorf Palace, which is located here along with the botanical gardens, is being used by the University of Bonn. Until Poppelsdorf was incorporated into Bonn in 1904, it was an independent village in the administrative district of Cologne. There are a lot of shopping opportunities, cafés, bars and restaurants around the Poppelsdorf square. The city center of Bonn is very easy to reach from here. For those reasons apartments in this neighbourhood are in high demand. Next to baroque architecture you can find demonstrative examples for the art of construction of the late 19th and early 20th century in Poppelsdorf.

The district of Bonn Dottendorf

The Bonn district of Dottendorf is one of the most popular residential areas in Bonn and is developing rapidly due to many new housing estates. The proximity to the city centre, company headquarters such as Deutsche Post and Deutsche Telekom, international organizations and institutions and the museum mile make Dottendorf so attractive. If you are looking for a furnished apartment in Bonn in a neat environment for over a month, you should take a closer look at the Homelike offer for temporary living in Bonn Dottendorf.