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Temporary housing in Bremen

Temporary housing in Bremen

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Arguably Bremen is most famous for The Town Musicians of Bremen. Depictions of them can be found around town but the most known is the statue made from bronze by Gerhard Marcks. It stands on the westside of the town hall. Additionally, Bremen is a port town which is why there is a lot of shipping and trade. This attracts a lot of business people that need an apartment for the duration of their stay. Whether you’re looking for a furnished apartment in the Old Town or the Neustadt, with Homelike you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Furnished apartments in Bremen

Furnished apartments in Bremen

Popular neighbourhoods in Bremen

The most sought-after districts in Bremen are Bremen Mitte, of which the Old Town is a part, and Neustadt. Neustadt can be separated into the urban districts Alte Neustadt, Buntentor, Gartenstadt Süd, Hohentor, Huckelriede, Neuenland and Südervorstadt.

The Old Town of Bremen

The Old Town of Bremen is situated on the right bank of the River Weser and offers a lot of sights. Especially noticeable is the Bremen Cathedral which, together with the town hall and the Bürgerschaft, makes up the market square. The cathedral has two towers, one of which can be visited. There is one of the oldest Roland statues in Bremen’s Old Town. Roland statues were built in Germany as a sign of Freedom and market rights. The one in Bremen, along with the town hall, has been a World Heritage Site since 2004. A part of the Old Town that’s definitely worth a visit is the Schnoorviertel, which consists of many small streets and densely built houses from the 15th and 16th century. The area “Viertel” (“Quarter” or just “District”), which extends to the districts Ostertor and Steintor, has a lot of theaters, museums, streetart and a lively nightlife. Everyone interested in culture looking for an apartment in this part of Bremen will feel right at home.

Homelike Apartments in Bremen’s Old Town

District Bremen Neustadt

The Neustadt in Bremen is situated on the left bank of the River Weser and in contrast to the Old Town has residential areas that are a bit more quiet. The local recreation area around Lake Werdersee can be found here for example. There are still many cultural event happening in the different urban districts, as well as shopping opportunities, comfy cafés and bars. Many companies have settled in the Neustadt and the famous Bremen beer Becks is brewed here. The proximity to the airport makes this part of town an attractive travel destination for business people. If you like to relax after a long day of work you’ll feel right at home at a furnished apartment in Bremen Neustadt.

Homelike Apartments in Bremen Neustadt

Südervorstadt or Philosopher Quarter

The Bremen district of Südervorstadt is also known as the Philosopher’s Quarter due to the many streets named after well-known philosophers. The very special mix of modern terraced houses and Art Nouveau buildings creates a very diverse cityscape, which fits in well with the multicultural and varied offer of the Südervorstadt. The colourful life makes this district very popular with students, but also with many families. If you travel with your family to Bremen, you will also find family-friendly temporary furnished apartments at Homelike.

Homelike Apartments in Südervorstadt