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Temporary accommodation in Great Britain

In recent times, the media have spoken almost exclusively about the topic of Brexit when talking about Great Britain. The country is about to leave the European Union, and there will most definitely be some changes regarding the entry conditions for Europeans. Nevertheless, the UK is likely to remain a very common destination for business travels and a popular emigration destination. If you are in Great Britain for a month or longer or if you are planning to stay with your family temporary in Great Britain, then you should have a look at Homelike to find an apartment that is move-in-ready, fully-furnished, and less expensive alternative to the hotel.

Moving to Great Britain

No other country in Europe has as many people from different nations as Great Britain. This creates an enormous diversity in which anyone can feel comfortable. This diversity you can also notice in Great Britain’s economics, which is one of the many reasons why a lot of business traveler come here to work. Below you can find out about essential requirements if you want to emigrate to Great Britain or work here as an expat.

Entry from the EU

Until now there are no immigration rules for EU citizens throughout the UK. If you are in England for more than three months, you have to work or study here or prove that you have enough money to support you or your family.

Entry from third countries

Different regulations apply to non-EU nationals, and there are different conditions for applying for a visa. You can find out exactly what you need for a visa and what you should be aware of on the website of the Immigration Advice Service.