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Temporary housing in Karlsruhe

Temporary housing in Karlsruhe

With around 300,000 inhabitants, Karlsruhe is the second largest city in Baden-Württemberg after Stuttgart. The University of Karlsruhe specializes in technology, which is why many companies from the most diverse fields of technology are based in Karlsruhe. For example, the Center for Art and Media Technology is located in Karlsruhe. Every year, many visitors are drawn to the Karlsruhe Exhibition Center or to the park of Karlsruhe Castle. In addition, the Federal Court of Justice has its seat in the Palace of the Hereditary Grand Duke Karlsruhe.

Furnished apartments in Karlsruhe

Furnished apartments in Karlsruhe

Where does the name Karlsruhe come from?

According to folklore, Margrave Karl III. Wilhelm von Baden-Durlach wanted to expand his castle in the then solitary town of Durlach and tried to “beautify” the town. His plan was to straighten the winding streets, but the inhabitants were not enthusiastic about it and did not give him the necessary land. In order to calm down, Karl went hunting in the Hardtwald. Exhausted from the hunt, he lay down on a tree and fell asleep. In his sleep, he dreamt of a castle with streets leading into the city like rays of sunshine. He was so enthusiastic about this, that in 1715 he had the first stone laid and named the city Karlsruhe (which means Karl’s rest in German). The arrangement of the streets leading from Karlsruhe Castle into the city is reminiscent of a fan, which is why Karlsruhe is also called Fan City. Rent a furnished apartment at Homelike and relax, just like Karl, in one of the many green areas in Karlsruhe.

Hier würden Sie eine Illustration von Markgraf Karl III. Wilhelm von Baden-Durlach sehen, der an einem Baum von seinem Schloss Karlsruhe träumt

Popular districts in Karlsruhe


Karlsruhe’s Weststadt is a residential area which is especially popular among families. There are many schools, playgrounds, and green areas. The buildings offer a mix of new and old houses. The Weststadt is centrally located, and both the city center and nature recreation areas are easily and quickly accessible. In the western part of the city, there are several squares, around which there are many cozy cafés. One of them is Gutenbergplatz, where the annual Linden Blossom Festival takes place at the beginning of July. Apartments are trendy in this part of the city, and those who have to travel to Karlsruhe on business or are looking for a temporary residence with their family should have a look at our offer of furnished apartments.

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Karlsruhe Town Center

The city center of Karlsruhe is divided in a two-part circle: Downtown West and Downtown East. Here is the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, which attracts many students every year, and the Baroque Karlsruhe Castle, which was built in 1715. The old botanical garden and the nymph garden can be found in the surrounding castle garden to the west. On the eastern side, the Pheasant Garden with its Chinese tea houses is worth a visit. From March to November, a railway, the Schlossgartenbahn, runs through the castle garden.

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The congress and exhibition center is located in the southwest city (Südweststadt) of Karlsruhe, where many trade fairs, especially in the field of technology, take place every year. In this part of the city, one is particularly well connected, since the main station Karlsruhe is also here. Behind the station, there is an old water tower, which has been converted into a trendy bar. Those who prefer a more peaceful atmosphere can relax in the city garden or alternatively visit the Karlsruhe Zoological Garden.

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Durlach is home to the Karlsburg Castle, built by Margrave Karl III. Wilhelm von Baden-Durlach. Before he founded Karlsruhe and had it built in 1715, he lived here. Up until 1938, Durlach was a town in its own right but was then incorporated into Karlsruhe. The historic city center, with its winding alleys, is a great place to live. Another highlight in Durlach is the Turmberg, from whose panoramic terrace one gets a view over the whole of Karlsruhe. If you don’t want to climb 592 steps up to Turmberg, you can use Germany’s oldest mountain cable car. The Turmbergbahn, which was opened in 1888, takes you directly up to Turmberg.

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