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Temporary housing in Mannheim

Temporary housing in Mannheim

The city of Mannheim is located in Baden-Württemberg in the administrative district of Karlsruhe. It is also known as the City of Squares (in German “Quadratestadt”), as the city center is arranged in blocks of houses with addresses consisting of a combination of letters and numbers instead of street names. The rivers Rhine and Neckar run through the city and offer beautiful green spaces along them to go for a walk or just relax for a bit. Many companies have settled in the eastern town of Mannheim. If you have to go to Mannheim on business for a month or longer, we recommend renting a furnished apartment as an alternative to hotels, because you can save up to 40% of the costs and have enough privacy to invite guests as well as to allocate your time freely on weekends.

Furnished apartments in Mannheim

Furnished apartments in Mannheim

Accommodation in the Districts of Mannheim

Mannheim City Center/Jungbusch

The city center of Mannheim is the reason why Mannheim is called the City of Squares. This part of Mannheim is aligned with blocks of houses arranged next to each other. There are no street names in this district, but blocks consisting of a combination of letters and numbers. Locals often call this district “The Squares.”

In the middle of The Squares, there’s a street called “The Planks,” which is the best street for shopping in Mannheim. South of The Squares, the Mannheim Baroque Palace is located, which houses the University of Mannheim and a museum, which offers different guided tours through the castle. Close to it, you will also find the Central Station of Mannheim.

To the west, The Squares border on the Jungbusch district, which also belongs to the city center. Mannheim Jungbusch is the up-and-coming quarter of Mannheim with many trendy bars and restaurants. The popular Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, for example, is also located here and the lakes Rhine and Neckar run there, perfect to escape the sometimes busy city. Rent a furnished apartment now as an alternative to a hotel in The Squares or Jungbusch to live centrally in Mannheim.

Homelike Apartments in Mannheim City Center

Mannheim Gartenstadt

If you prefer living more peacefully, Mannheim Gartenstadt is the right place for you. From here it takes about 30 minutes by train and 15 minutes by car to the city center. Gartenstadt is considered Mannheim’s greenest district, as it is suburban and most houses have large gardens. Gartenstadt has a family-friendly feeling, with many street-, summer-, and sports festivals. In addition, the Käfertaler forest borders here, which can be used for many leisure activities, such as miniature golf and barbecues. If you travel to Mannheim on business and would like to take your family with you, you can also rent a furnished apartment during this time. Simply filter your search by the number of guests!

Homelike Apartments in Mannheim Gartenstadt

Life in the East Town and Schwetzingerstadt

The East Town borders directly on the city center and is a more upscale residential area behind the Water Tower, which is one of the landmarks of Mannheim. Here you will find several villas and buildings in Art Nouveau style. The Luisenpark is also located there, where you can escape the stress of your work, especially in the summer. The rents and hotel prices in East Town are the highest in all of Mannheim, which is why a furnished apartment is an excellent alternative. Lying south of East Town, Schwetzingerstadt offers a lot of culture and is well known as a trendy district. Here you will find many cozy restaurants, pubs, and shops. For business travelers who travel to Mannheim for work and do not want to spend the night at expensive and monotonous hotels, a furnished apartment in the Oststadt or Schwetzingerstadt is a good choice. Both districts are home to numerous companies, and the city center can be reached very quickly from here.

Homelike Apartments in East Town/Schwetzingerstadt

Mannheim Rheinau

The suburb of Rheinau in Mannheim is also a district of Mannheim. It is located on the outskirts of Mannheim and is about 45 minutes by train and about 20 minutes by car from downtown Mannheim. Rheinau takes its name from the private port construction company Rheinau GmbH. The Rheinau port now comprises four port basins, making it one of the largest inland ports in Europe. Here, too, a furnished apartment is ideal for a business trip, because both the Rhine and the Rheinauer See invite you to relax or enjoy cycling tours on the weekend.

Homelike Apartments in Mannheim Rheinau