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Living and working in Vienna

If you like the exciting city life and want to live in the center of Vienna, you should look for an apartment in the 1st district. There is a little more space and peace in the districts 2 to 5 – there are also considerably more families living here.

The districts 6, 7 and 8 are the trendy districts of Vienna and a little more colourful. This also attracts many young people and you can discover many hip little cafés or shops.

If you would like more information about the different districts of Vienna, you can download our PDF file which we created for you. Here you will find information on rental prices, family friendliness and quality of life, among other things.

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We help you find your way around Vienna

We have compiled a list of our insider tips for you in Vienna, which you can easily download as a PDF.. Here you will find tips for going out for dinner in Vienna, such as restaurants and bars, as well as other popular places.

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Interesting facts for expats in Vienna

Ordering coffee in Vienna

What’s special about Vienna is that there is a huge variety of coffee – here’s a short guide to some of them:

Information on entry conditions and tips for moving to Austria can be found on our page for temporary housing in Austria

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Find an apartment in Vienna

If you are going to Vienna as an expat, it can be difficult to find an apartment right away. Especially when you are not on site, the search for accommodation is a high stress factor. A furnished apartment from Homelike helps you to start your life in Vienna feeling relaxed. You don’t have to worry too much about your move and can get used to the new city and the new circumstances in peace and quiet. Whether alone or with family, expats in Vienna have a safe accommodation with an apartment from Homelike. The good thing is that you can apply for a rental extension at any time until you have found a long-term apartment for yourself. Take a look at our offer for temporary housing in Vienna.