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Temporary housing in Essen

Temporary housing in Essen

Many companies are based in Essen, which is why a lot of business people travel there every year. Not far outside the city you can find the World Heritage Site “Zeche Zollverein” where you can get some history on the former mining culture in Essen.  But Essen does not only have a viable business sector. It has also been named the Green Capitol of Europe in 2017, an award that is given to cities on a yearly basis for raising the living quality of its citizens through making economic and environmental improvements. Essen also has a big exposition centre, that attracts many visitors each year. Because of that Hotels are often booked out, so renting a furnished apartment is a good alternative.

Furnished apartments in Essen

Furnished apartments in Essen

Staying in Essen with family

Staying in Essen with family

Popular neighbourhoods in Essen

Essen attracts many visitors and residence due to its economic sector and its university. Interesting neighbourhoods in Essen include: Essen Südviertel, Bredeney and Holsterhausen.

The district Essen Südviertel

Essen’s district Südviertel (south quarter) is among the most multifaceted parts of Essen.  It’s not far from the central station and many companies have settled here in impressive high-rise office buildings. But in the Südviertel entrepreneurship meets cultural interest. The Aalto theatre, the philharmonic hall and the museum Folkwang are all in this part of town. There is also a cultural trail that runs from the city center to the museum Folkwang, which is definitely worth exploring. Because rent prices are among average for Essen in the Südviertel and because the city garden invites everyone to relax, this district has become very popular. Whether you have to go to Essen on business or are looking for an apartment because you’re interested in culture, Essen Südviertel offers something for everyone.

Homelike Apartments in Essen Südviertel

The district Essen Rüttenscheid

Essen Rüttenscheid is located in the south of the city center and is not only a residential area, but also a popular place for going out to dinner, going shopping or having a drink in the evening. Furthermore over 2000 companies are based here, from the retail trade to the judiciary. Rüttenscheid also has 10 schools and 12 kindergartens, parks with playgrounds, various bathing facilities and many cafés and restaurants. If you like such a large variety, you should have a look at our offer of furnished apartments in Rüttenscheid.

Homelike Apartments in Essen Rüttenscheid

District Essen Bredeney

The district of Bredeney in Essen is a rather sophisticated district. There are lots of villas and many magnificent buildings in this part of town. Consequently, rents here are among the highest in Essen. Especially around the Hügelpark (hill park) where the Villa Hügel is, apartments are coveted and more expensive. Villa Hügel, which is 8,100 square meters wide and has 269 rooms was built between 1870 and 1873 by Alfred Krupp. Therefore, the central office of Thyssen-Krupp can be found in Bredeney as well. Other companies, like RWE and Eon have settled here as well, which is why this district is especially interesting for business people. Bordering the Hügelpark is Lake Baldeney, where you can relax after a busy day.

Homelike Apartments in Essen Bredeney

District Essen Holsterhausen

If you’re renting an apartment in the residential area Holsterhausen, you’ll have everything you need right at your doorstep. The Gemarkenstraße is the main street of this district. It runs past the Maria-Empfängnis-Church, that has a weekly market every Thursday in its courtyard. Essen Holsterhausen is not far away from the city center but is also close to the Autobahn A40, which makes it a good spot to travel from. The grounds of the teaching hospital are also in Holsterhausen. The Haumannpark offers an attractive public green space which can be quite run over in the summer. People who want to walk from their apartment to the Haumannpark to go sunbathing should get up early.

Homelike Apartments in Essen Holsterhausen