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Why choose Homelike apartments?

What are furnished apartments?

Furnished apartments are apartments which are fully equipped with everything you need to live. They can be rented over an extended period of time, which is considerably cheaper than staying in a hotel for the same duration. Hotels are often crowded and loud, whereas furnished apartments offer a lot more privacy.


A definite advantage of furnished apartments in contrast to hotels is that they are equipped with necessities like WiFi, a washing machine and a fully equipped kitchen. If you have to travel for more than a month you’ll find your home away from home with Homelike.

What are the advantages of furnished apartments?

Furnished apartments offer a great alternative to hotels because they are up to 40% cheaper in the long run. There’s a high level of disturbance in hotels due to tourists that are being loud in the corridors or their rooms. Furnished apartments on the other hand offer a lot of silence and privacy because there’s no constant influx of new guests. Most of the time the apartments have their own entrance which adds to the level of comfort and privacy.

Another important distinction is the possibility to be self-sufficient. The kitchen in hotels often closes at a certain time and having to rely on restaurants in the evenings can become very expensive. Furnished apartments are equipped with a kitchen which gives you the chance to cook for yourself.


Furnished apartments are also a great source for temporary accommodation as housing markets in big cities are often fully stretched.


Whether you are a student, an expat, or a business traveler, finding a suitable apartment isn’t always easy. Especially when time is of the essence, signing a yearly contract can be risky. Furnished apartments are terminable on a monthly basis and therefore offer a good opportunity to explore the city first and find a permanent apartment later.


Furnished apartments are equipped with Wi-Fi and washing machines. You won’t have to worry about signing an internet contract or having to pay for fees in hotels.

Just move in and relax.

Types of furnished apartments offered by Homelike

Corporate Housing

Best suited for business travelers who need WiFi upon arrival.


Corporate housing is a term used for furnished apartments which contain furnishings tailored more towards business travelers, who often have specific needs that vary from the average tenant.


Corporate tenants expect amenities such as wifi upon arrival or in-house services for the busier business executives. At Homelike, every property listed has to fulfill specific requirements. Every apartment on Homelike should have a kitchen with utensils, linens for bed and bath, and utilities included.


Especially for extended stays, which start at a minimum of one month, business travelers choose to stay in corporate housing options over hotels due to their comfort and affordability.



Serviced Apartments

Best suited for busy professionals who don’t want to make the trek to the laundromat every week.


Many providers describe a serviced apartment as accommodation with hotel-like benefits—usually minus turn-down or room service. In our opinion, serviced apartments are a great way to experience a new city with less hassle of menial everyday tasks. On Homelike, services may be included in the price or added on with an additional fee.


Services may include:

  • In-house fitness center
  • Concierge service
  • Management team
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry facilities

Boarding Houses

Best suited for housing a crew while filming your next blockbuster—or boarding several employees for a project.


A boarding house is a building with multiple furnished units. These are especially useful for companies looking to accommodate several employees at once–whether they are working on an ongoing project in another city or even filming at a nearby location. These are a great alternative to long hotel stays since employees can stay in one place while also enjoying the luxury of their own apartments.

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