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Temporary housing in London

Temporary housing in London

London is not only the capital of the United Kingdom (UK) and England, but also the most densely populated city in the European Union with a population of 8.5 million. Despite the upcoming Brexit, London is one of the largest financial centres in the world and an important economic centre. London is well known for its rapidly rising property prices. Until recently, the lack of new developments and the low supply of housing could not accommodate the high demand of a growing population, causing prices to skyrocket. Experts now expect the market to stagnate or possibly fall. Despite the recent forecast, the housing market is still very strained, making the housing search extremely difficult. For business travelers staying in the city for a few months, temporary furnished apartments serves as a valuable alternative to the highly competitive housing market.

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Furnished apartments in London

Furnished apartments in London

Staying in London with family

Staying in London with family

Popular neighbourhoods in London

In addition to the financial and economic sectors, London is rich in attractions and benefits from a large creative scene that provides a varied and diverse ambiance. Notting Hill, Brixton, Greenwich and Shepherds Bush are just a few of the popular districts. The districts are mixed in the average age and family status of the inhabitants. Each has its own peculiarities.

Modern district Notting Hill

Living in Notting Hill is very “in.” The district is located in the Kensington and Chelsea Boroughs at the northwest corner of Hyde Park and is reasonably quiet. Those who can afford to live here do, and the well-maintained houses reflect its affluent residents. The district is also home to the Portobello Road, where every Saturday an antique market, with some very valuable and sought-after pieces, takes place. In addition, the famous Notting Hill Carnival, a celebration of Caribbean culture and traditions, takes place on the last weekend in August. Apart from fun, the event also has a political aspect, because its goal is international understanding. This international flair is also evident in from the diversity of restaurants in Notting Hill with dishes from different countries.

Homelike Apartments in London’s district Notting Hill

London’s neighbourhood Greenwich

Greenwich is located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. This district is characterized by its Victorian buildings. In addition, there are also many small streets with independent boutiques, restaurants and traditional English pubs. In addition to its old-fashioned residents, young professionals and commuters can also feel at home here. Greenwich is also attractive to tourists. Particularly popular is the 85 acre Royal Greenwich Park, one of the Royal Parks in London and part of the UNSECO World Heritage Site. Another frequented attraction is the Greenwich Market, where art, fashion and jewelery, but also food are offered. Greenwich is located directly along the River Thames. This is the third big attraction on the water: Cutty Sark is an old clipper that was completed in 1869 and held the record for 10 years as the fastest ship between Australia and the UK. The freight ship is now on a special dry dock and serves as a museum.

Homelike Apartments in London’s district Greenwich

Living in Shepherd’s Bush

If you’re looking to shop, Shepherd’s Bush is the right place, where you can find the largest shopping center in Europe: Westfield has some 200 shops and stands. If you prefer a bit more quiet and indigenous, you should visit one of the local markets, like the Shepherd’s Bush Market, which is particularly popular with the Caribbean community. There is also a wide range of theaters, concert halls, bars and pubs. In addition, the district is ideally connected to the center of London. The green triangle of the district invites you to relax and stroll, and a classic architecture can be discovered in the streets around the center.

Homelike Apartments in London’s district Shepherd’s Bush

Living in London

Sightseeing in London

The most well known attraction in London is Buckingham Palace: the royal palace and residence of the British monarch. It is not just the residence of the Queen, but it is also used in official state affairs. The palace can be visited by tourists during the summer months for special exhibitions.

Another historical landmark is the Tower of London. It formerly served as a residence for English and British kings, as well as a prison and a place of execution. It has been a tourist attraction for nearly 600 years, and in 2011, was the most visited tourist attraction in the UK with 2.5 million visitors.

The tallest building in Western Europe, the Shard, is located in London. This skyscraper is 310 metres high.
The Coca-Cola London Eye is the world’s tallest Ferris wheel with 32 glass gondolas. Visitors can see the Westminster Bridge and Big Ben from this London landmark.
Speaking of Big Ben, the name of this famous symbol of London does not belong to the clock or tower, but the five bells inside. The bells weigh approximately 13.5 tons and their sound is world-famous.

Endless leisure opportunities

London is a tourist city and offers many cultural attractions. The London Duck Tour or Original London Sightseeing Tour are great opportunities to become acquainted with the city. In addition to the permanent museums, theatres and musicals, there are also several annual events. The New Year’s Day parade, art fairs, Chinese New Year or St. Patrick’s Day parade are all worth a visit. The variety of cultural offers is complemented by aquariums and zoos, such as the London Zoo, as well as many shopping opportunities. Harrods is the most famous, but only one of many department stores in the city.
Even those who are looking for sporting activities will find something to do in London. In addition to many parks (like Hyde Park, Hampstead Heath or Alexander Palace) and green areas with attractive jogging trails, there are various swimming pools, climbing halls and golf courses. You can even visit the site of the 2012 Olympics to swim or cycle like a champion!

The London Connection

London has an excellent transport network linking the different districts to each other and to the center. The public transport network is widely used by daily commuters, and is especially heavy during rush hour—weekdays mornings between 06:30-09:30 and evenings between 16:00-19:00.

If you use public transport more often, an Oyster Card or TravelCard is worthwhile. In addition to regular one-way tickets, round-trip tickets and group tickets, there are also rechargeable smart cards. These are flexible, unlike a monthly bill, where you pay a flat rate. The ticket is only charged when you use public transport, and is charged when you pass one of the turnstiles at a station or scanned when entering a bus. No matter how many journeys you make in the center of London, there is a price limit so that you never pay more than £6.60 per day.

In addition, the transport company Transport of London provides free maps and travel guides for local foreigners. Visitor centres also offer free city maps and tickets can also be purchased here.

Connections within the city

The UK capital has 12 underground lines. The city is divided into six zones, of which Zone 1 and 2 cover Central London and zones 3 – 9 extend to the outer areas of the city. The underground network is also complemented by various busses and trams that cross the city. Children, students, seniors and people with handicaps receive a discount on tickets.

The bus network does not follow any zone regulation. Fares are offered at a cheap flat rate, and connect the entire city.

Countrywide and international connections

In addition to public transport, the road networks are also very well developed for a european metropolis. London is also the gateway to major motorways and train lines connecting the hub to the rest of the country.
While the public transport and roads connect the city, 5 airports connect London to the rest of the world. The largest of these, Heathrow Airport, is one of the busiest airports in the world, making London hub for international travel.

Informative Websites
This site is specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of tourists to get to know the city.
Drive-Now is one of largest providers of carsharing services and offers you a flexible way to travel around the city.
The official website for London Heathrow airport, the most used airport in London, with up-to-date arrival and departure times and information on further travel.

Useful Apps

City Mapper – Android and iPhone
Up-to-date information on all transportation options in London. Check for schedules and delays or find your destination with the routing map.

London Travel Guide – Android and iPhone
Discover real insider tips, city highlights, sightseeing in London.

Hailo – Taxi App – Android and iPhone
Easily order a taxi in just two taps on this app.

Deliveroo App – Android and iPhone
Deliveroo delivers food from restaurants which don’t deliver food themselves. With their wide selection, there’s a restaurant for everyone’s taste.

Bureaucratic formalities in London


Registration in London is relatively uncomplicated. All you have to do is register with the local council for the payment of the Council Tax. If you are a citizen of the European Union, you can stay in London without any problems. Otherwise, you need a passport that is valid at least until the end of your stay and, if necessary, a visa. You can test your visa requirements here.

Council Tax

Residents of London must pay the monthly Council Tax, which is a community tax. For example, the municipality finances schools, street lighting and waste disposal. The amount of the tax depends on the value of the property and is adjusted annually to the house prices. The Council Tax is determined by each municipality individually.

Please note that we have compiled all the information with the utmost care, but cannot guarantee it is fully up-to-date due to changing legal regulations, especially for the information on registration formalities. If in doubt, please contact the city’s offices. Thank you.