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Temporary housing in Vienna

Temporary housing in Vienna

With around 1.8 million inhabitants, Vienna is the most populous city in Austria. Living in Vienna is always in demand. This, of course, affects the housing market. Added to this is the city’s international role as a metropolis. Even if Vienna is no longer an imperial city, it is now an important congress and conference location. Some 30 international organizations, including the UN, are based in Vienna. This makes options for temporary accommodation in Vienna increasingly important.

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Furnished apartments in Vienna

Furnished apartments in Vienna

Staying in Vienna with family

Staying in Vienna with family

Popular neighbourhoods in Vienna

In Vienna, diverse culture meets modern history. This ensures a unique and high quality of life in the city. It is particularly popular to live in the Innere Stadt, Wieden, Mariahilf, Josefstadt, Leopoldstadt and Ottakring.

Live with historical flair in Vienna’s Innere Stadt

The Innere Stadt in Vienna is congruent with the historic town center. The Austrian capital’s historical significance can best be felt here. The Hofburg, Stephansdom and Parliament are impressive testimonies of imperial Vienna. Even today, the Innere Stadt is the political, economic and social heart of the city. The Kärntnerstraße, next to Mariahilfer Straße, is a popular shopping street. In addition to shop and office space, you will find completely renovated exclusive properties in Vienna’s first district. New buildings are rarely seen in the Inner City. Particularly attractive are the residential buildings in smaller streets, which have orrespondingly high rental rates. Innere Stadt is the most expensive residential area of Vienna, however, one lives in close proximity to the most beautiful and majestic sights.

Homelike Apartments in the district Innere Stadt in Vienna

Vienna’s district Wieden

Wieden is considered the oldest suburb of Vienna. Also called the 4th district, Vienna Wieden is one of the creative centers in Vienna. Many smaller shops, such as small designer boutiques and studios, have sprung up for years. The picture is rounded off by many small restaurants, bars and cafes scattered throughout the district. This rich offer ensures a high quality of life and makes apartments in Vienna’s 4th district extremely popular. Vienna Wieden also has a lot to offer. The Naschmarkt attracts countless visitors every day. It offers a variety of different fresh products from all over the world and the gastronomic establishments on the market themselves serve their customers with international cuisine. An apartment in the 4th district in Vienna is usually in classic-style buildings. These have been renovated in recent years and are therefore well maintained. Many streets in Vienna Wieden are crossed by imposing blocks of flats from the Wilhelminian era. Nevertheless, rent for apartments in Vienna’s fourth district is considered to be affordable and you are not far from the city centre.

Homelike Apartments in Vienna’s district Wieden

Residential area Mariahilf

Mariahilf is the most densely populated district of Vienna. Young families, in particular, appreciate the quiet residential atmosphere in Vienna’s 6th district. As in other districts, there is a strong presence of old buildings in Mariahilf. Entire streets, such as the Wienzeile are lined with apartment buildings in Art Nouveau style. The Art Nouveau buildings have been largely modernised repeatedly over the last few years. The apartments in Vienna’s 6th district are thus extremely well maintained old buildings. Mariahilf’s residential buildings have a special feature , namely passageways, which usually lead you into beautiful courtyards and gardens. The Raimundhof and the Beethoven House are good examples of this. An apartment in such a building is in great demand. The Viennese shopping mile Mariahilferstrasse also contributes to the popularity of the 6th district. Despite these advantages and the proximity to the city centre, rents have remained affordable. With our service, you will find a selection of attractively furnished apartments in the 6th district in Vienna at great rental prices.

Homelike Apartments in Vienna Mariahilf

Vienna’s district Josefstadt

Josefstadt is undoubtedly one of the most popular residential areas in Vienna. Even if the 8th district is geographically the smallest district of Vienna, it offers its residents and visitors unique cultural offerings with many big stages, small theatres, and cabarets. Josefstadt attracts a lot of students, which is due to its vibrant nightlife, and young families. But typical Viennese traditions, such as a visit to one of the many classical coffee houses, are maintained here too. The architecture fits into this picture. The streets of Josefstadt are characterised by Art Nouveau and Baroque influenced architecture and spacious buildings. Due to the high popularity, apartments in Josefstadt are hard to come by and very high-priced, especially due to its immediate proximity to the city centre. But those who have lived in the Josefstadt in Vienna, do not want to leave.

Homelike Apartments in Josefstadt, Vienna

Living in Vienna Leopoldstadt

The district of Leopoldstadt in Vienna could hardly be more multifaceted. On the one hand, the 2nd district is multicultural and student oriented. On the other, the district is very popular with companies. This diversity is also reflected in the offer and prices of apartments in Vienna’s 2nd district. Particularly the old buildings and the apartments located within are popular because of their affordable rental rates for students. However, if you are looking for a modern apartment in Vienna’s second district, look for it in the area around the Danube Canal. In addition to a very varied housing market, Leopoldstadt has two of the most popular attractions in Vienna. Especially the Prater and its park are attended by Viennese and tourists all year. The Augarten also offers a popular recreational area within the Leopoldstadt. With our service, you will find a selection of high quality furnished apartments in Vienna’s 2nd district.

Homelike Apartments in Vienna Leopoldstadt

The neighbourhood Vienna Ottakring

For those who appreciate living in a multicultural atmosphere, the Ottakring district is the right place. This trendy Viennese district has been very active the last few years. More and more people, especially young residents, are drawn here where cultures meet. This is also noticeable in the Ottakring district. Restaurants and shops with specialities from all over the world can be found here on almost every street. The area around the Brunnenmarkt is particularly well known for this. The cultural offer is also varied, from small theatres to large open-air festivals. The nightlife is now strong due to many small bars and trendy restaurants. Many young Viennese are attracted to the district for this very reason. Thanks to its growing popularity, many urban development projects have sprung up in recent years. More and more old buildings are being renovated and apartments in Vienna’s 16th district are increasingly in demand. Nevertheless, the rent for an apartment in the 16th district is still quite affordable compared to others. We also offer furnished apartments in Vienna’s 16th district. Your dream apartment in Vienna is already waiting for you.

Homelike Apartments in Vienna Ottakring

Living in Vienna

Well-developed public transport

Viennese swear by their public transport. Approximately Vienna’s public transport in Vienna makes it possible for 37% of all distances travelled. The network of railways, suburban railways, buses, subways and co. Is very densely built. Thus, all parts of Vienna can be reached easily without long driving times. This use determines traffic in Vienna immensely. Only 29% is accounted for by car travel. These are mainly used for trips out of town. The long-distance network is also well-developed.

Internationally connected

The expansion of Bike Sharing

The city of Vienna is concerned about the limited use of the bicycle as a means of transport. Currently, only about 6% of all routes are covered by the bike. For this reason, the City of Vienna is working to expand the range of rental bicycles and bike sharing initiatives.

Traditional coffee houses

Vienna is one of the cities with the highest quality of life. This is no accident. The large and varied range of leisure activities in Vienna make the Viennese people happy. If you prefer a more traditional atmosphere, you’ll want to experience one of the many Viennese cafes. With a small brown or a melange, you can spend many quiet hours sipping coffee houses which range from cosy to extravagant. The countless wine taverns are also traditional and proper. These can be found all over the city. Friends of the typical Viennese cuisine, like Viennese Schnitzel or Backhändel, will get their money’s worth here.

Many parks and green spaces

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the leisure activities in Vienna, which take place mainly outside. Vienna is known for its many parks and green areas, even in inner city areas. If you want something further out of the hustle and bustle, you should visit the Danube Island. In addition to a popular recreational and recreational area, the Danube Island is also one of the city’s venues. Many open-air concerts or festivals take place on the premises.

A vibrant nightlife

Besides the solid and traditional leisure activities in Vienna, the nightlife is very strong. The best known is the Bermudadreieck near the Schwedenplatz. The bar and party mile attracts guests every evening.

Former imperial city

Thanks to the city’s past as the seat of the imperial monarchy, there are many sights to see in Vienna. Even the 1st District (Innere Stadt) is filled to the brim with monuments. If you only have a short time in a furnished apartment in Vienna, you should definitely take the time to look at the district more closely. Buildings like the Hofburg, Stephansdom or the town hall are always worth a visit. In addition, the Rathausplatz offers plenty of space for events. These take place throughout the year and are definitely one of the attractions in Vienna. Also popular as a venue for various markets, is the Freyung. Whether in winter or in summer: Here you will find small unforgettable craft pieces.

Explore the different districts

If you stay for a longer period in Vienna and live in one of our furnished apartments several months, you should visit the other districts and their sights in Vienna. Worth a visit is Spittelberg in the 7th district. The narrow streets and buildings from the 18th century have their own charm and are popular among visitors. The Belvedere Palace is even more impressive. The building and especially the gardens are among the top attractions in Vienna. A visit to the Prater should not be missed. The year-round built rides and the countless food stalls provide carefree hours with carnival flair.

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Registering your residence in Vienna


Anyone moving into an apartment as a main or second home in Vienna must register at one of the city registration offices. Exempt from the reporting requirements are diplomats and people who work for international organizations. Registration can also be made by a trusted person or even by mail.


The registration must take place no later than three days after the entry. No costs arise.

Secondary residence tax

If your primary residence is in Germany and you have registered a second residence in Vienna, you must also inform the Deutsche Finanzamt of the income you earn in Austria. You can avoid double taxation if you change your main residence to Austria.


  • Passport (eg: proof of citizenship, passport and birth certificate)
  • Registration form signed by the landlord
  • Any academic degrees (eg, diploma or achievements), if they are to be registered
  • Possibly rental agreement from landlord
  • When registering minors: possibly legally binding objection or the marriage certificate of the parents and the birth certificate of the minor
  • For foreign citizenship: the travel document or the asylum card
  • Possibly a legally binding decision on the professional administration
  • If the previous principal residence is changed to the second residence: Another application form for this residence (registration form with the landlord’s signature)

Please note that we have compiled all the information with the utmost care, but cannot guarantee it is fully up-to-date due to changing legal regulations, especially for the information on registration formalities. If in doubt, please contact the city’s offices. Thank you.