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Temporary housing in Frankfurt

Temporary housing in Frankfurt

“Mainhattan” is one of the richest and most productive cities in Europe. For more than 20 years, Frankfurt am Main has been ranked as the top 3 ranking for international companies. As a location for the ECB and other international banks, the city has a high global influence on monetary policy. In addition, the Deutsche Börse is also located in Frankfurt. The creative industries, IT and telecommunication companies as well as areas such as biotechnology and life sciences with global companies are also located in Frankfurt. The City of the Main plays an important role as a trade fair city, with over 150,000 visitors annually. These factors increase the demand for apartments in Frankfurt, which is why business-friendly apartments are offered to avoid the stressful housing search.

Furnished apartments in Frankfurt

Furnished apartments in Frankfurt

Staying in Frankfurt with family

Staying in Frankfurt with family

Popular neighbourhoods in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a financial and exchange metropolis in Germany, of which various districts profit. Every part of the city has its own charm and its own highlights. Depending on age group and family status, the districts are in demand with different target groups. If you are looking for a temporary apartment in Frankfurt, here you can find information about the districts of Bockenheim, Gallus, Gutleutviertel, Niederrad, Nordend and Sachsenhausen.

Living in Frankfurt Bockenheim

The district of Frankfurt Bockenheim is very close to the city centre. The banking district is also near and the Frankfurt trade fair is easily accessible. Because of this, Bockenheim has become an important business location within the city in the last 20 years. Since the university used to be here, the district is still heavily influenced by student-lifestyles, which is why so many students and creative people are still looking for apartments in this district. There is a wide range of cafés, bars and restaurants. Many of the apartments in Frankfurt Bockenheim are located in old patrician-style buildings. At the same time, modern living spaces for around 4,500 people are being built as part of a new project on the Rebstockgelände. However, not only apartments in Frankfurt Bockenheim are to be built. Also about 5,500 jobs will be created here with the construction of new offices.

Homelike Apartments in Frankfurt Bockenheim

Frankfurt’s district Gallus

The former workers’ settlement has changed drastically since the 19th Century. Frankfurt Gallus has become a colourful and diverse district in recent years. Through the headquarters of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the Frankfurt Neue Presse and the society publishing house, Gallus has become an important media location. New construction and the offering of modern housing within the district have increased its attractiveness. One of the most promising projects is the Europaviertel: on the site of the old freight station, apartments for 8,000 to 10,000 residents are to be finished by 2019. In addition, new office space and an independent social infrastructure are being created. Despite the many new projects, Gallus has not lost its industrial charm. There are still numerous brick buildings from industrialization and Bauhaus architecture, on the former site of the Adler factory, a theater and galleries have been created.

Homelike Apartments in Frankfurt Gallus

Frankfurt Gutleutviertel

Frankfurt Gutleutviertel has changed a lot over the last years. Situated directly on the banks of the river Main, the former social center has become a prestigious district. Since the beginning of the 2000s many redevelopment projects and new projects have been implemented in the Frankfurt Gutleutviertel. One of these is the reconstruction of the old Gutleutkaserne. The building complex has been completely renovated and now houses the financial center. Another major project is the redevelopment of the Westhafen site, under the motto “living and working on the river”. This modern version of “Little Venice” includes numerous apartments, offices and restaurants, and was built on the moors of the harbor. Around 12 hectares have been created for about 2,000 people to live and work spaces for approximately 3,000 jobs. The modern style and the 99-meter-high Westhafen Tower are highlights of the city.

Homelike Apartments in Frankfurt Gutleutviertel

The residential district Frankfurt Niederrad

Niederrad is one of the smallest districts in Frankfurt and is primarily a residential area. The neighbourhood at Bruchfeldstraße (which are placed in a zigzag form), the Adolf Miersch settlement and Mainfeld settlement, feature houses with flat roofs in cubic forms. The business center of Niederrad accommodates approx. 25,000 jobs. The Commerzbank Arena, the horse race track and the golf course are also located in Niederrad, but also part in the administrative districts of Schwanheim and Sachsenhausen-Süd. Nevertheless, they make Niederrad a sought-after residential area.

Homelike Apartments in Frankfurt’s district Niederrad

Frankfurt’s district Nordend

The Frankfurter Nordend is one of the hippest quarters of the city on the Main. However, it is not only popular with hipsters or supporters of alternative residential areas. Young families as well as artists and intellectuals are all drawn to Nordend. The image of Frankfurt Nordend is mainly influenced by Wilhelminian buildings and avenues. The many parks and green areas complete the picture. Besides recreation, Nordend is well-known for its nightlife. Many trendy clubs, bars, hip cafés, bistros and restaurants with cuisine from all over the world are found in this district.

Homelike Apartments in Frankfurt Nordend

Living in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen

Sachsenhausen, south of the Main River, is the largest district in Frankfurt and one of its greenest. Numerous cafes and small bistros in the area invite you to linger. In post-war time, this district was popular among the many US soldiers stationed in the Rhine-Main area. The soldiers were drawn to Sachsenhausen for its apple wine industry, breweries and bars. Furthermore, the well-known Museumsufer and the Iron bridge, which leads to the other Mainufer to the old town of Frankfurt, belong to Sachsenhausen. In recent years, many new quarters have been built with modern and unique apartments. Nevertheless there are also classical architecture here. The well-preserved Wilhelminian period buildings offer beautiful and appealing apartments, especially in the inner part of the village. The north of Sachsenhausen is densely populated, while in the south the Stadtwald stretches.

Homelike Apartments in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen