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A melting pot of cultures and a microcosm of world cuisine, London is one of the world’s most multicultural cities. 

Moving to London temporarily or permanently? This relocation guide will help you

Hundreds of thousands of people move to London every single year, making it one of the most popular cities in the world for ex-pats. 

London serviced apartments and aparthotels

Life in London is busy. As one of the global capitals of the world, The Big Smoke is always abuzz with suits running off to their next meetings, friends heading off to dinner, or creatives hitting up the next big thing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in London on a quick business trip or settling down in the city for the foreseeable future, there’s always something to be doing and someone to be seeing. That’s why the last thing you want to be worrying about is where you live. Our serviced apartments in London offer up the best of both worlds: a space to call your own, without having to worry about utilities, furnishings, or paying hotel-prices.


Notting Hill serviced apartments

It doesn’t get more quintessentially British than Notting Hill. Staying in a serviced apartment here will put you in the thick of the neighborhood’s white-washed and tree-lined streets. With everything taken care of, you can spend your time wandering through its many garden squares and window shopping along its famous local high street.

Hampstead serviced apartments

If you’re looking for a slice of the big city, without the overcrowded streets, choosing a serviced apartment in Hampstead will suit you well. Home to plenty of A-list celebs and many well-to-do-Londoners, this isn’t one of London’s most affordable neighborhoods. Still, you will have the stunning Hampstead Heath on your doorstep, offering unbeatable views over the city and wild swimming spots.

Richmond serviced apartments

Boasting that sought-after village-in-a-city atmosphere, securing a serviced apartment in Richmond will put you between two of London’s best green spaces, Kew Gardens and Richmond Park. Plus, unbeatable views across the iconic River Thames. All of this while only being a thirty-minute commute from the city center.

Battersea serviced apartments

Those of you searching for one of London’s up-and-coming neighborhoods will be suited to a serviced apartment in Battersea. A little further out from the center than some may like, Battersea’s once the industrial landscape has been transformed into a creative hub, flourishing with underground art galleries, artisanal cafes, and, the icing on the cake? The grand Battersea Park.

Camden serviced apartments

Nowhere is it easier to throw yourself into the vibrant streets of North London than in Camden. Choosing to stay in a serviced apartment here will give you prime access to the city’s famous live music scene, oldest markets, and London’s traditional ungentrified charm. Camden is also extremely well-connected, which means you can explore the rest of the capital by hopping on a bus, tube, or overground train.

Chelsea serviced apartments

There’s more to the neighborhood of Chelsea than just being a playground for the rich and famous. Behind its immaculate white-washed streets and historic townhouses, you’ll find London’s best up-market cocktail bars, restaurants, and boutique shopping. Perfectly suited for families looking for serviced apartments in London, Chelsea is also home to the country’s most prestigious schools.

Fitzrovia serviced apartments

Hidden behind central London’s busy shopping streets, Fitzrovia provides a calm oasis from Oxford Street and Regents Street. Aside from the obvious shopping benefits, serviced apartments in Fitzrovia are surrounded by a glut of traditional English pubs, and you’ll even find a street or two with their original cobblestones still in tact.

Maida Vale serviced apartments

More commonly known as the ‘Little Venice’ of London, you couldn’t ask for a more picturesque location to choose a serviced apartment in London. Views over Regents Canal and peaceful residential streets with their white stucco houses are just a few of the perks of living in this northern neighborhood. Not to mention the close sense of community in the neighborhood.

Earls Court serviced apartments

When you stay in a serviced apartment in Earls Court, you get everything that is great about London: period architecture, a locally-owned high street, and a friendly community. Sitting in Zone 1, renting doesn’t come cheaply in Earls Court, but you’ll have a ball enjoying the restaurants on your doorstep and having Kensington Palace as your neighbor.

The City serviced apartments

When you’re working long hours in City, the last thing you want to do is spend hours commuting to the office. An easy solution to this problem is staying in a serviced apartment in City. As well as being within walking distance of the office, South Bank is just a stone’s throw away along with St Paul’s Cathedral and Borough Market.

Shoreditch serviced apartments

Earning a reputation as London’s original hipster capital, Shoreditch has unsurprisingly become one of the best places to live in the capital. Serviced apartments here offer up an air of industrial sophistication. At the same time, its streets (especially Brick Lane) provide a glimpse into the vibrant lifestyle of Londoners: hidden streets and foodie eats, and retro shopping.

Kentish Town serviced apartments

Sometimes overshadowed by the nearby neighborhoods of Primrose Hill and Camden, Kentish Town has recently been given the limelight. Its revamped high street now offers up all the amenities residents could need on their doorstep, including local and branded stores, while serviced apartments in Kentish Town sit on quiet residential streets not too far away.

Covent Garden serviced apartments

Nestled between London’s world-famous West End and the busy streets of City, Covent Garden provides a balanced and lively lifestyle. When you find a serviced apartment in Covent Garden, you’ll always be within walking distance of the city’s best entertainment, eats and shopping.  At the center of it all is the grand Garden Piazza, where you’ll more than likely be spending most of your evenings.

Brixton serviced apartments

Brixton is undoubtedly one of London’s most eclectic neighborhoods. From its multicultural community to its vibrant market, the neighborhood is a feast for all of your senses. Despite being just a 20-minute commute from the city center, it’s one of the most affordable neighborhoods to get your hands on an all-inclusive serviced apartment in London.

Soho serviced apartments

Soho is just about as central as central gets in London. While it takes a certain kind of person to brave a serviced apartment in Soho (it’s a part of the city that never sleeps), Soho is one of the best places to live in London. Its streets are vibrant, it’s population friendly, and you’ll never run out of things to do here. After all, isn’t that what London is all about?

Croydon serviced apartments

Soho is just about as central as central gets in London. While it takes a certain kind of person to brave a serviced apartment in Soho (it’s a part of the city that never sleeps), Soho is one of the best places to live in London. Its streets are vibrant, it’s population friendly, and you’ll never run out of things to do here. After all, isn’t that what London is all about?

King’s Cross serviced apartments

Having recently undergone a transformation, King’s Cross is no longer just a place to hop on a long-distance train across the country. Now, there’s the shopping haven of Coals Drops Yard, the futuristic offices of Google, and the modern apartment blocks that hark back to the canal’s industrial past. Some say that King’s Cross is the next best place to be, so where better to choose a serviced apartment in London.

Paddington serviced apartments

Paddington has struggled to put itself on the map as a residential destination. However, that’s not to say that it hasn’t got the makings of a great place to rent a serviced apartment. Within shouting distance of London’s top attractions, including Hyde Park, Oxford Street, and Regent’s Park, and one of the city’s largest train stations, this is a great place to base yourself for London.

Dalston serviced apartments

Running through the heart of Dalston is Kingsland Road – the heart and soul of the neighborhood. Known for its patchwork collection of shops, you have literally anything you can think of at your fingertips. Vietnamese street food sits next to upmarket bistros, and vintage stores next to boutique clothing store. You’ll have have all of this, and so much more, right on your doorstep, when you choose a serviced apartment in Dalston.

London’s Docklands serviced apartments

In the last decade London’s docklands have been transformed from wasteland into one of the most desirable developments in the city. Home to a plethora of swanky serviced apartment, the Docklands is the perfect spot for those that want to be able to walk to the office in City and have numerous retail outlets just moments away.

Borough serviced apartments

Perhaps most famous for housing London’s oldest produce market, Borough Market, life in Borough is diverse and plentiful. Not only will you be able to walk to some of London’s most iconic sights, including Millenium Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe and St Pauls, but you’ll also have the River Thames on your doorstep too. Serviced apartments in Borough offer stunning views over City and beyond

Common questions about London serviced apartments

Homelike offers a great selection of furnished studio apartments in London with WiFi and other utilities.

Homelike offers amazing 2 bedroom serviced apartments in the best areas of London with everything you need. Just browse, choose and book.

Renting in London can be notoriously expensive. Be prepared to pay anything between 1500 and 10,000 GBP depending on the size of the apartment and neighborhood.

If you’re moving to London with your family and need a large apartment in a child-friendly neighbourhood, check out neighborhoods like Hillingdon, Kensington and Notting Hill. We’ve prepared a detailed guide on London’s best neighborhoods for families to help you decide.

Expats in London love neighborhoods such as Camden, Chelsea and Battersea. Kentish Town and Shoreditch are great options too. Our detailed London neighborhood guide will help you decide where to live.

London is generally an expensive city in terms of cost of accommodation. If you’re on a tight budget, check out some of the more budget-friendly neighborhoods such as Paddington, Dalston and Croydon

Yes, of course. You can find affordable furnished apartments in London through the Homelike website for both short and long-term use. Our apartments come with Utilities and WiFi (view our Homelike Apartment Standards). No need to worry about setting anything up. Check out Homelike’s long term rentals here

It’s easy to find great apartments in London online. If you fail to find a place that fulfills your needs through our online platform, feel free to reach out to the Homelike Customer Support Team. We’d be more than happy to help you.

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