Apartment in Basel, St. Johann

NEW 2.5 Room Apartment in Basel

1 bedroom   •  
1 bed   •  
1 bathroom   •  
2 guests   •  
46 m²   •  
1. floor

About This Property

The pictures are only placeholders until the apartment is fully furnished in early December and the photos can be replaced. Our Serviced Apartments in Basel will fulfil your need for a cosy retreat and be a central starting point for your adventures. We know how important it is to feel comfortable within your own space and have therefore made every effort to turn the impossible into reality. We could describe how well our frame-TV would keep you entertained on rainy days, how thoughtful our stylish furniture is, or how practical the large built-in wardrobes are… But let’s be honest: all that matters is that you feel comfortable in your Serviced Apartment in Basel. That’s why we’ve designed our Apartments the way we would design our own home: they’re comfortable, practical and flexible, so you don’t have to trade off.