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Temporary housing in Bielefeld

Temporary housing in Bielefeld

Although a conspiracy theory claims that Bielefeld does not exist, some well-known companies have settled in the city in North Rhine-Westphalia and there are many sights. The Teutoburger Wald, for example, is directly accessible and its 750 km of hiking trails invite you to hike or cycle tours. For longer business trips to Bielefeld, Homelike offers furnished apartments as an alternative to hotels. Thus, one has the privacy and the comfort to invite guests or to explore Bielefeld also on weekends.

Furnished apartments in Bielefeld

Furnished apartments in Bielefeld

Why does Bielefeld not exist?

In Germany, everyone knows the rumor that Bielefeld does not exist. But where does this conspiracy come from?


In 1993, students at a university party discussed the fact that they had never met anyone from Bielefeld. A computer science student posted a conspiracy theory about Bielefeld as a joke on the Internet. It stated that Bielefeld does not actually exist, but is a secret military base on which John F. Kennedy, among others, is being held. Since at that time all highway exits to Bielefeld were closed by chance, the theory was born and spread like wildfire.

The so-called “Bielefeld Conspiracy” later experienced another comeback when Google Maps only displayed green spaces and trees instead of the city. This bug was quickly fixed by Google, but the wild theories were already spun. The city of Bielefeld itself takes the Bielefeld conspiracy with humor. In 2014, the city celebrated its 800th anniversary under the motto: “Bielefeld – That’s impossible!”

We have checked our furnished apartments in Bielefeld and can confirm they really exist!

Popular districts in Bielefeld

Living in Bielefeld Mitte

There is a lot to see in the district of Bielefeld Mitte. The Sparrenburg, for example, is located here, from whose tower you have a wonderful view of Bielefeld and the Teutoburg Forest. There are also some places worth visiting. In the old town is the old market, where there are many buildings worth seeing and inviting restaurants and cafés. On Siegfriedplatz (also called “Siggi”), the inhabitants sit on blankets on the stone floor or on the wooden benches of the adjoining restaurants in summer. There is also a weekly market on Wednesdays and Fridays. Another interesting place is Kesselbrink Platz, where Germany’s largest urban skate park is located.

If you are looking for accommodation in Bielefeld, you should definitely consider Bielefeld Mitte, as this is the liveliest part of Bielefeld.

Business Apartments in Bielefeld Mitte

Temporary Accommodation in Bielefeld Schildesche

Schildesche is considered one of the most beautiful districts of Bielefeld. Here stands the collegiate church, around which the historic town center forms. In addition, after a stressful working day, you have the opportunity to retreat to the local recreation area around the Obersee. Despite the higher rents, students are also attracted to Schildesche, as Bielefeld University is easy to reach from here. Those who travel on business to Bielefeld and have no desire for long-term stays in hotels can book a furnished business apartment in Bielefeld Schildesche. This gives you a lot of freedom and you save up to 40%!

Business Apartments in Bielefeld Schildesche