Key changes to the general terms and conditions of Homelike Internet GmbH

We are updating our general terms and conditions (T&Cs) on 11/02/2019.

You can find the new T&Cs here. You can find the previous T&Cs here.

The following key changes will be made to the previous T&Cs:

General information

– Introduction of various definitions
– Introduction of subheadings for increased clarity


Key changes

Point 2.1: Mandatory information regarding entrepreneurial status for registration


Point 2.4: Definition and description of ‘Service Fees’ – (fees to be paid by the Customer)


Point 2.5: Definition and description of ‘Usage Fees’ – (fees to be paid by the Provider)


Point 3.1: Duty of the Provider to review the accommodation profiles to ensure these are up-to-date each time before conclusion of a contract


Point 3.2: Extension to the catalogue of minimum requirements/mandatory information for accommodation profiles


Point 3.3: Provider assurances with respect to availability in accordance with its details and liability if inaccurate details are provided (with particular reference to provision of replacement accommodation, where applicable)


Point 3.4: Assurance with respect to the accuracy of details in the accommodation profile and liability of the Provider


Point 3.5: Creation of accommodation profiles via Homelike and approval process


Point 3.6: Number of accommodation profiles


Point 3.7: Commissioning photography via Homelike


Point 3.8: Clarification on the legal meaning of accommodation profile/no deviation at the Customer’s expense when booking


Point 3.10: Provider assurances with respect to authorisation to rent, etc.


Point 3.11: Indemnification by the Provider


Point 3.12: Homelike’s obligation to provide information in the event of official requests (with particular reference to misuse)


Point 3.13: Provider liability


Point 5.1: Key steps for contract conclusion, description of different booking processes


Point 5.1.1: ‘Standard’ booking process


Point 5.1.2: ‘Soft booking’ process


Point 5.1.3: ‘Instant booking’ process


Point 5.2: Removal of Providers and Customers if deadlines are missed


Point 5.3: Reference to Section 550 of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, BGB; indefinite contracts)


Point 5.6: Importance of the accommodation profile content/accommodation profile as performance owed


Point 5.7: Tax obligations


Point 6.2: Users as controllers within the meaning of the GDPR


Point 7: Cancellation policy summary


Point 7.1: Ordinary cancellation options


Point 7.1: Cancellation Policy for the Provider before the date of occupation


Point 7.3: Extraordinary cancellation terms for Customers


Point 7.5: Consequences of cancellation with respect to fees


Point 7.6: Withholding of Usage Fees and Service Fees in the event of cancellation


Point 8.2: Provider duty of cooperation if there are issues


Point 8.3: Claim limitation to the relationship between the Provider and the Customer


Point 9.2: Avoidance of mandatory payment processes and legal consequences


Point 11.6: Extension of indemnification for damages to the Customer’s items or property


Point 12.1: Price and payment deadline regulations depending on the booking process


Point 12.3: Description of payment methods available


Point 12.4: Homelike payment service providers


Point 12.5: SEPA notification deadlines


Point 12.6: Partial payment regulations


Point 12.7: Refunds in the event of non-arrival


Point 13/14: Clarification and overview of cancellation rights


Point 19.1: Summary regulation for applicable law


Point 19.4: Validity of versions in different languages


Point 19.5: Special regulations for UK owners