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Temporary housing in Dusseldorf

Temporary housing in Dusseldorf

With 600,000 inhabitants, Dusseldorf is the second largest city and also the capital of the most populous German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition, it is one of the five most important, internationally intertwined commercial centers in the Federal Republic and the second largest banking and financial city after Frankfurt. Accordingly, many companies and companies have a branch here. The city also has immediate proximity to the Ruhr area, which is still an important industrial location. Housing in Dusseldorf is becoming an issue for an increasing number of professionals. As a trade fair city, Dusseldorf attracts 1.6 million visitors every year, which is why demand for apartments is at an all-time high.

Furnished apartments in Dusseldorf

Furnished apartments in Dusseldorf

Staying in Dusseldorf with family

Staying in Dusseldorf with family

Popular neighbourhoods in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is an important financial centre in Germany, but especially as a fashion city. Correspondingly, the districts around the centre have been able to send and develop creative residential areas. Dusseldorf is divided into ten city districts, which are staggered in their proximity to the city center. Particularly popular are Flingern, Friedrichstadt, Pempelfort and Unterbilk. If you are looking for a temporary apartment in Dusseldorf, here is a guide of what you can expect in each district.

Live in the trendy district of Dusseldorf Flingern

Dusseldorf Flingern is made of up two parts: Flingern-Nord and Flingern-Süd. Whereas in the South industry and the work of factory-building had always been an important factor, Dusseldorf Flingern-Nord was used as workers’ quarters. The apartments there still bear witness to this period. Large multi-family houses and residential blocks from the turn of the century characterize the picture. But not everything has remained the same: Unlike its smaller neighbor, Flingern-Nord has increasingly developed into the Dusseldorf district. The pub and restaurant offered here are also popular beyond the borders of the district. In addition there are numerous small designer boutiques and studios, which make up the flair of this district. But Flingern-Süd is catching up. Here, modern living spaces are being built from former industrial buildings. Accordingly, a young, modern art and creative scene is increasingly settling in here, of which the Zakk is firmly established in the Dusseldorf cultural scene. Despite its proximity to downtown, affordable rental rates make Flingern an attractive location for young apartment seekers.

Homelike Apartments in Dusseldorf Flingern

The district Dusseldorf Friedrichstadt

Friedrichstadt is directly adjacent to the inner city of Dusseldorf. Here, the main station is excellent to reach, making this district is very well connected for regional travel. With 18,675 inhabitants/km² Friedrichstadt is the most densely populated district of Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf Friedrichstadt was originally designed with the idea of it being a garden town. In the 19th century, the city council decided to build a district with straight-lined streets and spacious residential blocks, which are in demand among Altbau-lovers. At the edge of Friedrichstadt is Fürstenplatz, a recreational and playground area, where all of the surrounding roads of the grid-like design begin.

Homelike Apartments in Dusseldorf Friedrichstadt

The neighbourhood Dusseldorf Pempelfort

If you are looking for a center for art and culture, Pempelfort is the right place for you. Here you’ll find a wide range of museums, theaters and other cultural facilities. This is also reflected in the streets mixed with chic Altbau-style buildings and modern living quarters. Especially in the last few years, the city of Pempelfort has implemented many new urban projects. One of the largest is the project “Le Quartier Central”. Within the framework of this project, 140,000 sqm of flats and 311,000 sqm of office space were created. This makes it the largest urban development project in the state capital. Despite the high number of apartments and offices, there are many parks and gardens. At the same time you are not far from the center of Dusseldorf, which makes Pempelfort a coveted district to live in.

Homelike Apartments in Dusseldorf Pempelfort

Living in Dusseldorf Unterbilk

Dusseldorf Unterbilk has developed rapidly in recent years. In addition to the seat of the state government, the repurposing of the old industrial harbor was an important factor. Today it is known as a media harbor, offering modern and central workspaces to a variety of media and creative companies. This made Dusseldorf Unterbilk the city’s central media location. Accordingly, demand for housing has risen here. Living areas here offer mainly spacious residential blocks, which characterize the exterior of the streets in Dusseldorf Unterbilk. The high demand and the great offering will make this part of Dusseldorf the most densely populated of the city. In addition to its creative flair, the central location of Unterbilk is particularly popular with a young audience.

Homelike Apartments in Dusseldorf Unterbilk

Living in Dusseldorf

One of the most dense transportation networks in Europe

As the center of one of the most populous regions in the country, Dusseldorf offers one of the densest transport networks in Europe. Thanks to several railway stations, especially the main station and airport station, Dusseldorf is very well connected for both local and long-distance travel. Within the city, the local traffic regulated by a dense public transport network. Different buses, subways and trams connect all parts of the city. The train map of the Rheinbahn can be found here.

Use bike and car sharing

To support local transport in Dusseldorf, the city offers both private and urban services for private transport. Both car and bike sharing are firmly established in Dusseldorf. Suppliers are e.g. DriveNow, Car2go and stadtmobil.

National and international connections

As the third largest German airport, Dusseldorf Airport is NRW’s global hub. It connects both the city and the region with international destinations. The city center is also known as the “10 minute city”, as the main station, airport and motorways can be reached within 10 minutes. Connection to the motorways include A3, A46, A52 and A59.

Culture and theatre

Dusseldorf has an important place in the art scene. On the one hand, there is the Kunstakademie, where Joseph Beuys once taught. The Kunsthalle and the Kunstpalast (Kunstkunstpalast) are also renowned art museums. In addition to the Schauspielhaus and the Opera House, there are also various private theatres. The FFT Dusseldorf belongs to one of the most important houses of the private theatre scene in Germany.

Fitness activities in Dusseldorf

In Dusseldorf itself and in the surrounding region, the range of sport activities is extensive. Various club and sport facilities offer both members and other users a wide range of sports. There are also countless parks or the Rheinpromenade, which are ideally suited as jogging trails. Once a year, the METRO Marathon Dusseldorf takes place, which attracts around 16,000 runners and a cycling race around the Kö. In addition, Dusseldorf was one of the venues for the Cross Country Skiing World Cup.

Sightseeing in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf has many sights to see. In the last few years, the Rhine Promenade has become a hotspot of the city, which connects different sights. One of them is the Media Harbor, which is characterized by modern architecture and an innovative feeling. Dusseldorf is also one of the major fashion cities, with Königsallee, known as Kö, one of the most famous shopping streets in Germany. If you want to take a comprehensive view of the metropolis, you should climb to the top of the TV tower. From there you have a 360° view of the city and its sights. Afterwards, Dusseldorf’s Old Town invites you to dinner.

Great events

Major events are the Hofgarten concerts and Japantag, in which Dusseldorf changes into “Japan am Rhein”. Besides specialties from Japan and information about the country, many people disguise themselves as anime characters throughout the city.

Useful Apps

Rheinbahn App – Android und iPhone
The Rheinbahn App provides information about the public transport in Dusseldorf, Mettmann, Rheinkreis Neuss and the entire VRR. The VRR is the transport association, which is part of Dusseldorf and neighboring cities. You can also purchase your tickets without registering through the app.

Dusseldorf TO GO – Android und iPhone
Dusseldorf TO GO offers tourists all the important information about the city: sights, museums, city guides and current events.

Rhein-Taxi – Android and iPhone
A taxi can be booked conveniently via this app. The estimated time of arrival of the taxi is displayed. If you specify your destination address, it is also possible to request a price.

DUS App (Dusseldorf Airport App) – Android und iPhone
As a counterpart to the Rheinbahn app, the DUS App provides information on arrivals and departures at Dusseldorf Airport. The My Flight function also notifies you of all changes to your flight.

Messe Dusseldorf App – Android und iPhone
This app for the Messe (trade fair)  provides all relevant information about the Dusseldorf trade fair. There is also an interactive hall plan to help you find your way around the exhibition grounds.

Helpful Links is the official website of the city of Dusseldorf. It provides information on all facilities, public or major events, sights and news from the city.
Here you will find all the important information about tourism in Dusseldorf such as sightseeing, city tours and city tours.
This is the official site of Dusseldorf Airport. In addition to departure and arrival times, it provides an overview of shops and services at the airport.
Here you will find an overview of upcoming trade fairs in Dusseldorf, the construction of the exhibition grounds and how to get there.

Registration formalities in Dusseldorf


The Civil Code defines a main residence as the place were you living the most. This is already an important exception: in the case of married persons or people living in a life partnership, it is to be assumed that the common apartment is the food point, even if you are mainly in a different city for professional reasons. Nevertheless, in this case the second home must be registered.


As in other cities in Germany, you must go to the registration office in Dusseldorf within 14 days of moving there. This may also be done by an authorized person. Registration is free of charge. If you are personally present, the registration is done immediately, no processing period is required. You should arrange an appointment with one of the registration offices. You can do this online (German only), by phone (0211 – 8999680) or at a terminal in one of the local offices.


  • For German citizenship: official photo identification (passport). If you have an ID card issued after 1 November 2010, you should bring it with you so that the address can be changed on its chip
  • For other nationalities: the corresponding national passport with residence permit or visa passport or national passport) of all persons subject to registration and, in the case of dual states, all national passports
  • When registering a family: the above-mentioned ID documents of all persons who are to be admitted
  • In addition, upon registration by an authorized person: authorization and identification of the respective person, complete registration form with signature of the person subject to the notification.
  • When registering minors: declaration of consent of the persons entitled to custody, provided they do not come as accompanying person.
  • Housing confirmation of the landlord of your temporary apartment

Please note that we have compiled all the information with the utmost care, but cannot guarantee it is fully up-to-date due to changing legal regulations, especially for the information on registration formalities. If in doubt, please contact the city’s offices. Thank you.