Where to Live in Potsdam: Best Neighbourhoods

Not only its close proximity to Berlin makes Potsdam high in demand with business travelers and apartments hunters. Potsdam’s old buildings and parks are also part of its charm. The most popular neighbourhoods are the inner city, Babelsberg, Brandenburger Vorstadt and Jägervorstadt. The city center of Potsdam Potsdam’s city center […]

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Where to Live in Cologne: Homelike Neighborhood Guide

Cologne apartments

Cologne is colourful and diverse, as seen in each quarter, which are known here as “Veedel”. Every neighbourhood has its own unique charms and ways of life, and offers something different for everyone. Whether it’s the Belgian Quarter, Nippes, Ehrenfeld, Lindenthal, Cologne Mühlheim or Neustadt-Nord — there’s a place for […]

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Where to Live in Essen, Germany | Homelike Neighborhood Guide

Essen attracts many visitors and residence due to its economic sector and its university. Interesting neighbourhoods in Essen include: Essen Südviertel, Bredeney and Holsterhausen. The district Essen Südviertel Essen’s district Südviertel (south quarter) is among the most multifaceted parts of Essen.  It’s not far from the central station and many […]

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Registration formalities in Dusseldorf

General The Civil Code defines a main residence as the place were you living the most. This is already an important exception: in the case of married persons or people living in a life partnership, it is to be assumed that the common apartment is the food point, even if […]

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Where to Live in Dusseldorf: Best Neighbourhoods

Dusseldorf is an important financial centre in Germany, but especially as a fashion city. Correspondingly, the districts around the centre have been able to send and develop creative residential areas. Dusseldorf is divided into ten city districts, which are staggered in their proximity to the city center. Particularly popular are […]

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How to be properly insured as a tenant

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According to the law, each of us is liable for the damage we cause. It doesn’t matter whether you do it intentionally or accidentally. Since we are liable for all our wealth accumulated during our lifetime, this can quickly lead to poverty, which is why it is essential to be […]

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The Long-term-Rental Ecosystem | Homelike

The Long-term-Rental Ecosystem Accurate and up-to date supply data is essential for marketplaces like Homelike to ensure a seamless (and instant) booking experience.   In the context of Homelike, this includes real time data such as apartment availability, prices and reservation data. In addition, automated supply processes allow a fast […]

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