Rent your furnished apartments to business travelers and expats.

Rent your furnished apartments to business travelers and expats.

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What is Homelike?

Homelike is one of the leading rental platforms for monthly rentals. Some of the largest companies in the world find furnished apartments, co-living rooms, and serviced apartments through Homelike.


We will support you through every step of the sign-up process to your first booking.


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Zero risk

Guaranteed first rent

Rent out your apartment through Homelike with zero risk. The first rent is guaranteed when the payment is made via our online payment methods.*

* For all instant charge payments paid through our payment provider, Stripe.
**This service only applies to apartments located in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, and Spain

Damage protection

Bookings on Homelike include our custom-made insurance package that covers your apartment in the event of damages.**


Effortless booking process

Our industry-leading technology makes handling bookings easier than ever. Soft or instant booking combined with online signing of contracts makes it easier than ever to rent out your apartment.

Market data

Our team of expert Key Account Managers provide personalized support to all suppliers. We share data & insights, continuously suggest improvements and drive growth.

High occupancy

Global reach

Let our marketing and sales experts take care of your marketing. We advertise your apartments on 100+ different channels, free of charge. This means you can reach high-quality guests from all over the world.

Large corporate network

Our tech-enabled experience drives exceptional value for our 15.000+ corporate clients. By leveraging our growing network of, we can drive more bookings from high-quality guests to you.

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How to get online?

Our team is available to answer any questions you have throughout the process.

Register - We will contact you as soon as possible
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Frequently Asked Questions​

The Homelike platform lists furnished studios, apartments, houses, as well as serviced apartments, regardless of the size of your accommodation.


Your accommodation must meet the following 10 Homelike Apartment Standards:

  1. Ready to move in equipment
  2. Fast Internet
  3. Workplace
  4. Washing machine in the apartment or building or Laundry Service
  5. Lockable housing unit
  6. Local contact
  7. Final cleaning service
  8. All-in rental price
  9. Transparent leases
  10. Professional invoicing

An advertisement on our platform is free of charge and therefore risk-free for you.


A usage fee is only charged once your apartment has been successfully placed. This fee is a percentage of the total order value (plus VAT) allocated to the landlord and depends on the market and the type of landlord. The fee is charged per month and is deducted collectively from the first month’s rent.


For information on the exact amount of the fee for your particular market, please contact us via the form below.


The usage fee also includes exclusive insurance through our partner AXA, for your optimal landlord protection.


Click here for more information on landlord protection.

The mediation of your apartment via Homelike has many advantages:

  • Your apartment will be published free of charge and therefore risk-free on our platform.
  • Your accommodation is open around the clock for a virtual tour for potential tenants worldwide.
  • You will receive inquiries from business people from all over the world.
  • We secure the first month’s rent for you by collecting it from the tenant before moving in.
  • We market your apartment on more than 100 channels.
  • We are at your disposal for a personal consultation.
  • You have full control over the rental price, the availability of your apartment, and who moves in with you for how long as a tenant.

An ‘Instant Booking‘ is the fastest and easiest way to accept a booking.

Unlike the classic booking process, you no longer need to confirm a tenant’s request. A booking request is therefore immediately closed as soon as the tenant has entered his payment information.

In addition to the reduced effort on your part, immediate bookings also have other advantages, such as:

  • Better visibility: Apartments that can be booked immediately are specially marked on our homepage and thus catch the eye of potential tenants.
  • Vacancy avoidance: Due to the immediate binding nature of the booking, the chance of finding a direct tenant increases.

View the Homelike Guide to Instant Bookings >

If you are interested in making your apartment instant bookable please contact us via, reach out to your Account Manager, or submit the form below.

Homelike verifies and charges the tenant’s credit card instantly and directly upon booking. This means every booking with card payment will have a successful payment. If the card payment fails, the booking will not be finished.


To protect you, and the guest, from any unnecessary refunds when there are last-minute adjustments, guests are charged the amount of the first month’s rent when they book accommodation on Homelike. After guests have checked into their accommodation, hosts typically receive the payment within 2 business days.


Homelike transfers the first month’s rent, minus our service fee, to your elected bank account. Generally, your payout is sent 2 business days after the move-in date.


All subsequent monthly rental payments, as well as the security deposit, will be transferred to you directly by the tenant.


Important: Companies booking apartments for their employees always require a proper invoice. As the landlord, you must issue these invoices.


The “Gesetz zur Mietenbegrenzung im Wohnungswesen in Berlin” (MietenWoG Bln), better known as the “rent cap” or “Mietendeckel”, aims to control the development of rents in Berlin over the next five years (from 2020) by means of rent caps.

When does the law come into force?

The Berlin Senate passed the law on January 30, 2020, and itΒ came into force on February 23, 2020, with retroactive effect from June 18, 2019.

Who is affected?

The law applies to Berlin housing with the exception of:

  • housing in publicly subsidized housing construction,
  • housing for which public funds have been granted for modernization and repair and which is subject to rent control
  • residential property that was ready for occupancy for the first time as of 1 January 2014,
  • living space in a dormitory, and
  • housing rented or let by a legal person under public law or a recognized private welfare institution for the purpose of providing persons with urgent housing needs, care, or sharing.

Are furnished apartments also affected?

Yes. According to Β§3 paragraph 5 MietenWoG Bln, furniture and equipment are included in the “capped” net cold rent.

What limits have been set?

Net cold rent prices for the square metre were set at between €3.92 – €9.80, depending on the year of construction of the building. In the case of modern equipment of the flat or modernization measures carried out, the limit value can be increased by 1€/mΒ².Β 

Where can I find further information?

On the official website of the city of Berlin, you will find the law for download and current news on the subject of “rent caps”. In addition, the most important questions and answers are summarized there.

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