Supply Integrations

We are connected with several tools such as Property Management Systems (PMS) and Channel Manager (CM) to ensure a well connected long stay ecosystem to update your apartment data fully automated.

Why integrations?

Automated availabilities

By integrating your property information into Homelike your availability will be always up to date and you can also manage all your rates through automated updates.

Less manual touchpoints

Automated processes always lead to less manual effort you have to take to rent out your apartment. After integrating your properties you can lay back and receive bookings in an automated way.

Instant booking experience

Our vision is to make the long stay renting process as easy as do a hotel booking. Always up to date availabilities and prices allow us to make your properties available for instant booking.

Connect to one of our partners

Homelike connects your preferred property management tool with a large network of business clients to automate your listing and reservation process. Connect today to:

  • Siteminder (CM)
  • ICNEA (CM)
  • Cubilis (CM)
  • Rentals United (CM)
  • Apaleo (PMS)

Coming soon:

  • HotelNetSolutions (CM)
  • KrossBooking (CM)

Connect your own system with our public external API

Start connecting your own system to our public external API today. Our API is built for long stay and enables you to handle all processes at Homelike automatically.

  • Access all your properties
  • Free service
  • 100% secure

What is connected?


Your availability on Homelike stays always up to date through automatic updates from your PMS or CM


Keep your prices up to date automatically to keep full control about your revenue

Apartment Data

Create and update your apartment details at Homelike through our integrations directly in your system

Reservation Data

Receive all reservation details from your tenants automatically and allow instant bookings

Connect to one of our partners listed below today:

You do not use a channel manager or property management system yet? 

Start using one of our  partners or reach out to us to get consulted on the best fitting solution for your properties.

Siteminder (CM)

As one of the largest channel manager in the market we are proud to be connected with Siteminder. You can start conencting your sitminder properties with Homelike directly from your Siteminder dashboard.

Learn more about Siteminder

Connected features:

  • Availabilities
  • Rates
  • Reservations

Rentals United (CM)

As first connected Channel Manager at Homelike we already have a lot of experience working together with Rentals United. Rentals United is one of the biggest channel manager out there and is continously improving the long stay channel manager experience with us.

Learn more about Rentals United

Connected features:

  • Availabilities
  • Rates
  • Reservations
  • Property content

Cubilis (CM)

Cubilis is a large channel manager with a lot of connected properties especially in europe. It is part of a suite of systems developed by Stardekk including a simplified PMS, a booking engine, a website builder and more.

Learn more about Cubilis

Connected features:

  • Availabilities
  • Rates
  • Reservations


ICNEA is one of the most popular channel manager in spain and connects a large number of properties with Homelike. 

Learn more about ICNEA

Connected features:

  • Availabilities
  • Rates
  • Reservations
  • Property Content

Apaleo (PMS)

Apaleo is a modern property management system that is focused on APIs first. Apaleo is also well known for offering a special environment that is also supporting long stay rentals. 

Learn more about Apaleo

Connected features:

  • Availabilities
  • Rates
  • Reservations

HotelNetSolutions (CM) -Coming soon-

We are currently building an integration with HotelNetSolutions, who is one of the largest Channel Manager in the GSA region.

Learn more about HotelNetSolutions

Connected features:

  • Availabilities
  • Rates
  • Reservations

KrossBooking (CM) -Coming soon-

KrossBooking is an italy based PMW and Channel Manager solution that we are currently integrating with. 

Learn more about KrossBooking

Connected features:

  • Availabilities
  • Rates
  • Reservations

Your preferred tool is not connected yet?

Get in contact with us to find out how to connect your properties with Homelike.

You want to become a partner?

Contact us to become a connected PMS or Channel Manager partner on Homelike.


Alexander Schäffer

Partner Manager Supply Integrations