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Temporary Housing in Heidelberg

Temporary Housing in Heidelberg

Heidelberg has over 155,000 inhabitants and around 11.9 million travelers visit the city every year. This is hardly surprising, as the city along the River Neckar is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Its picturesque setting inspired both Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Mark Twain. Heidelberg is also a city of literature and is known primarily for Germany’s oldest university. That is why many students live here. Many companies from the fields of technology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare have also settled in the Heidelberg Technology Park. If you travel to Heidelberg on business for at least one month, you can book a furnished apartment instead of a hotel and thus save considerable costs and enjoy the privacy of your own apartment.

Furnished apartments in Heidelberg

Furnished apartments in Heidelberg

Living in the many districts of Heidelberg

Heidelberg Weststadt

Located near Heidelberg’s Old Town, the Weststadt is very centrally located and is close to the central train station. While there are no green areas in the western part of the city, parks in neighboring districts can be reached quickly by bike. The Weststadt is still considered a student quarter, but rental prices in the Weststadt have risen significantly in recent years. If you are looking for something more affordable, take a look around the neighboring Bahnstadt district. Even if this district is not as magnificent as other districts, it is an up-and-coming part of town that is becoming increasingly popular.

Homelike Apartments in Heidelberg Weststadt

Living in Eppelheim

Eppelheim is a city of its own in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. It directly borders Heidelberg and can be reached by train in about 30 minutes and by car in up to 15 minutes. If you can’t find suitable accommodation in Heidelberg for your business trip, you can also stay in Eppelheim. The town also has a lot to offer culturally, because it promotes fine arts, especially for children and young people. The town’s park with its green lawns and a water playground invites you to relax. It is also an excellent starting point for cycling tours.

Homelike Apartments in Eppelheim

Heidelberg Old Town

The Old Town forms the historic center of Heidelberg. The Heidelberg Castle, which lies on the 567.8-meter-high Königstuhl mountain, can also be found here. You can either reach the mountain via the so-called “Himmelsleiter”, or alternatively take the cable car up to enjoy a wonderful view of the Necker valley. Heidelberg Castle also houses the world’s largest actively used wine barrel, which can hold up to 220,000 liters. The buildings of the Old Town are mainly from Baroque times and the rental prices in Heidelberg’s Old Town are therefore higher than in other parts of the city. Hotel prices are also higher here. If you are traveling to Heidelberg on business for more than a month, you should consider booking an alternative accommodation, such as a furnished apartment.