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Bad Ems is located on the river Lahn and has a lot to offer business travelers. Designed as a health resort, Bad Ems is particularly oriented towards the health and healing sector. But other industries such as IT services and the automotive industry can also be found here. If you travel to Bad Ems on a business trip, you will find a beautiful city with many hiking possibilities and sights. The spa district of Bad Ems is characterized by its Baroque bathing castle. The splendid building of the Kurhaus is built on a spring which has been used as a healing spring since the Middle Ages. Other picturesque buildings in the spa district are the Spielbank and the Kurtheater. Here, you can also find the Kurwaldbahn, a funicular mountain railway, which with a gradient of 78%, is one of the steepest mountain railways in the world. Once you reach the Bismarckhöhe, you have a panoramic view over Bad Ems and the Lahn Valley, as well as hiking opportunities. Rent a furnished apartment in the spa district of Bad Ems to live centrally and enjoy the sights of the city. From the Concordia Tower, which stands 265 meters above sea level, you have a panoramic view over the Lahn valley and the Westerwald forest. At the foot of the mountain there is the main station of Bad Ems, which is especially interesting for business travelers who work outside Bad Ems, for example in Koblenz, but still want to live in Bad Ems. The circular hiking trail “Baedecker’s Felsenweg” leads past the Concordia Tower as well as the Heinzelmann Caves. Several legends surround these caves, as nobody is quite sure why they exist. Moreover, they are neither listed in maps, nor is there a sign leading to them.