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Finding Dusseldorf furnished apartments through Homelike

Dusseldorf furnished rentals

Looking for a furnished apartment to rent in Dusseldorf? Look no further than Homelike! Our platform makes it easy to find the perfect apartment for you - just browse our selection of stylish and comfortable apartments, filter by your preferred amenities and location, and voila!

But that's not all - we go beyond offering just apartments for rent. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and provide personalized assistance throughout the rental process. Plus, with our secure payment system, you can rest assured that your payment will be taken care of.

So don't wait - start renting your dream apartment in Dusseldorf with Homelike today! You won't regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions about renting in Dusseldorf

Rental prices can vary depending on the location, size, and amenities of the apartment. However, Homelike offers a wide range of options for different budgets.

Typically, a furnished apartment will come with basic furniture such as a bed, sofa, dining table, and chairs. Some may also include kitchen utensils and linens.

Homelike offers a range of furnished apartments in Dusseldorf with varying pet policies. Some apartments permit pets, while others may have specific pet restrictions or prohibit pets altogether. It's important to check the specific policy of the apartment you are interested in on the Homelike website, and to communicate with the apartment owner or management if you have any questions or concerns about pet policies.

On Homelike, the rent price shown is a bills included price that factors in the cost of utilities and internet.

It's best to check with the landlord before bringing any additional furniture. Some may allow it, while others may have restrictions or charge extra fees.

Many furnished apartment rentals in Dusseldorf require a security deposit. The amount can vary depending on the length of the lease and the cost of rent. To find apartments that don't require a security deposit, use our no deposit filter.

It's important to report any damages or breakages to the landlord as soon as possible. Depending on the lease agreement, tenants may be responsible for covering repair costs. It is recommended to purchase a tenant insurance to be on the safe side.

This can vary depending on the lease agreement, so it's important to check with the landlord or rental agency beforehand. Some may allow guests for a limited period of time, while others may charge extra fees for additional guests.

Again, this depends on the landlord and the apartment availability. If the apartment is already booked by someone else, an extension may not be possible.

To book a furnished apartment through Homelike, simply browse our selection of apartments, choose your preferred option, and submit your booking request. You can also choose an instant book apartment that can be booked without a back and forth conversation.