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Hanover Apartments

Hanover has its own trade fair location in the Laatzen district. Many trade fairs in the fields of science, technology, and digitization take place here. The best known of these is CEBIT, an annual trade fair for information technology that attracts over 200,000 visitors. During trade fairs, hotel prices rise dramatically, and hotels are booked up very quickly. Alternatively, you can rent furnished accommodation in Hanover—Especially if you have to go to the fair for a more extended period, for example, to help with organizing the trade fair. For business travelers who are in Hanover during a trade fair and travel managers who book longer stays for employees, a furnished apartment is ideal because you don’t have to change hotels due to high prices.


In the center of Hanover you’ll find the historical old town, as well as the main shopping streets and in the opera or theater, you can take advantage of many cultural offers. Hanover Mitte also includes the relatively small eastern town and Calenberg’s new town with a beach section and numerous green banks. Many students live here because Leibniz University is not far away. But not only young people are drawn to Hanover Mitte. The cultural and leisure offer is very varied here, and many cozy cafés and restaurants invite you to relax and enjoy. Business travelers can live comfortably in Hanover Mitte for temporary accommodation. Take a look at our offer of furnished apartments!


The district Südstadt-Bult is very popular with its inhabitants as well as business travelers. Many companies have settled here, and the connection to the city center is very good. In addition, there is a recreational area in which the Maschsee Lake and the Eilenriede municipal forest invite you to relax. From the Südstadt-Bult district, you can reach the exhibition grounds quickly by car, which is why it is particularly convenient to rent a furnished apartment in Hanover Südstadt-Bult during trade fairs.


Vahrenwald-List is a district of Hanover, which developed from the two villages Vahrenwald and List. Both of these areas are industrial locations in which many well-known companies have settled. If you are looking for apartments for your employees or you are staying in Hanover on business, you can rent an apartment in Vahrenwald-List, as it is very well-connected to the city center. Do you have furnished apartments in Hanover that you would like to rent to companies instead? Then contact us or register directly!

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