Apartments for rent in Innsbruck

Innsbruck Apartments

Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol and is also called “Capital of the Alps.” It fascinates many people with its medieval charm combined with picturesque mountains that reach up to 2,350m above sea level.


If you plan on traveling to Innsbruck for a month or longer, you will experience the many activities Innsbruck has to offer. In summer, mountain biking and hiking are especially popular. For temporary accommodation in Innsbruck, we recommend a furnished apartment from Homelike so you can save significantly compared to a hotel stay and experience our “Home away from home” feeling.


Innsbruck’s city center is formed by the old town and the new town. Of course, you will also find the medieval marketplace here, which is very popular with the inhabitants and tourists, especially in summer. One reason for this is the “Golden Roof” – Innsbruck’s landmark – a balcony with a gilded roof. Here the Tyrolean prince Friedrich IV once lived.


The central railway station, as well as various mountain railways, theaters, schools, many restaurants and traditional inns can also be found in the city center, making temporary living in Innsbruck very popular here.


On the other side of the Inn, north of the river, Hötting is located. The present district of Hötting used to be a village in its own right and has retained its beautiful and peaceful character to this day. If you are planning a stay for a month or longer in Innsbruck and prefer a more peaceful environment, but still reach the city center or airport quickly, you should have a look at our selection of furnished apartments for temporary living in the district of Hötting.


Igls is a village, as well as a district of Innsbruck. It’s located only a few hundred meters south of the city center – at the foot of the Patscherkofel. This is why the lower station of the Patscherkofel is also located here, through which you can reach the mountain by cable car. Igls is an ideal place for hiking in summer and in winter for skiing – or just to enjoy the beautiful view with an Almdudler in your hand on one of the terraces of the 7 different alpine pastures, huts and mountain restaurants. There is also a children’s playground and a wide range of ski courses for children. If you would like to stay with your family in Innsbruck for a month or longer, you are sure to find the perfect furnished apartment for you and your family.

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