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Leverkusen Apartments

Leverkusen is located between Cologne and Düsseldorf and is therefore a good starting point for business travellers who prefer to live and commute outside the big cities. But Leverkusen itself also has a lot to offer. In addition to the football club and the well-known pharmaceutical companies, Leverkusen has a lively harbour and a couple of green spaces. For business travellers and expats who are in Leverkusen for temporary accommodation, there is plenty to see here, such as Morsbroich Castle or Reuschenberg Wildlife Park.


Living centrally in Leverkusen Wiesdorf

If you like it quiet but still want to be centrally connected, you should rent a fully furnished apartment in Leverkusen Wiesdorf. Leverkusen Wiesdorf is considered the heart of Leverkusen. From here you can quickly reach Leverkusen’s city center and shopping streets, and Leverkusen Central Station is also located here. In the quietly situated Neuland Park, you can relax after work. There is also a large children’s playground, which is especially good for expats travelling to Leverkusen with their families. Furnished apartments in Leverkusen can also be rented with families at Homelike. Simply filter by bedrooms and guests!

Historically interesting district Lützenkirchen

Leverkusen Lützenkirchen is a very interesting district. For example, the weavers from Lützenkirchen, known for their weaving skills at the beginning of the 20th century, produced the fabrics that were used for the interior of the Titanic. Nowadays the weaving mills no longer exist and Leverkusen is better known for the life science sector and the Chempark. However, the district of Lützenkirchen has retained its village flair, especially because it is more rural than other districts in Leverkusen. There are also beautiful street names here, such as “Zauberkuhle” (Magical Cavern) and “In der Wüste” (In the Desert). Renting a furnished apartment in Leverkusen Lützenkirchen gives you the best of both worlds. Rural flair, as well as nearby city centre.

Temporary living in Leverkusen Opladen

Leverkusen Opladen is one of the busiest districts of Leverkusen. In the so-called “Neustadt” (New Town) around Kölner Straße there are many pubs, which is why there is a big nightlife scene here. If you like to have a beer after work and then quickly return to your cosy apartment, you should rent a furnished apartment in Leverkusen Opladen. Kölner Straße is also Opladen’s pedestrian zone, where you can shop and have a break in a café or restaurant. Although Opladen is just outside the city, you will find everything you need for temporary living in Leverkusen.

Beautiful atmosphere in Leverkusen Schlebusch

Schlebusch is a good district for temporary living in Leverkusen, because the many half-timbered houses from the Wilhelminian period create a rustic atmosphere. Here you will find a shopping street that offers a wide range of products. Every Thursday morning there is a farmers’ market in Schlebusch, which attracts many visitors. Schlebusch is a little further outside Leverkusen and from here Leverkusen Mitte (the city center) can be reached by car or train in about 15 minutes. Worth seeing here is the castle Morsbroich with the surrounding castle park. Besides a restaurant, Morsbroich Castle also houses a museum of modern art. Business travellers and expats travelling to Leverkusen will have a great time in Schlebusch.

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