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Lucerne Apartments

Located on the Swiss side of Lake Geneva, Lausanne is the capital of the canton of Vaud. The city has the official title of Olympic Capital because it is the symbol of the Olympic movement. It is the seat of the International Olympic Committee, various international sports federations and the Academic Competence Center for Sports Management. Lausanne has a large university, located on Lake Geneva, which together with the Technical University of Lausanne (EPFL) forms the largest education and research center in Switzerland. French is the main language spoken there, just as it is throughout Lausanne. Many companies have also settled in the beautiful city on Lake Geneva. Find a furnished apartment as temporary accommodation in Lausanne now.


Many historic buildings are well preserved in Lausanne. You can see them especially in the district Centre, which forms the old town, where most of the respectable buildings are located, as for example the cathedral or the castle Saint-Maire. Centre consists of several neighbourhoods, including La Cité, which is particularly attractive due to its many small bistros and studios. The district Le Flon, however, is rather known for the colourful nightlife. No matter if you prefer to live where the action is or in the artists’ quarter, you are in any case surrounded by beautiful buildings in Lausanne Centre.


The Montriond/Cour district borders directly on Lake Geneva and is mainly designed as a residential area. However, many companies have also settled here, which makes this district particularly attractive for business travelers in Lausanne. After work, you can relax in the Parc de Milan, where there is a lot of green space and trees. If you are looking for a furnished apartment in Lausanne for temporary accommodation and would like to live in a more quiet place, you should browse through our apartments in Montriond/Cour.

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