Apartments for rent in Neuss

Neuss Apartments

Neuss is one of the oldest cities in North Rhine-Westphalia and Germany. It was founded by the Romans in 16 B.C. under the name Novaesium. On a city tour you can learn everything about the interesting history of Neuss. But Neuss should not be underestimated economically either, as the city has an inland port and is located on the opposite side of the Rhine from Dusseldorf. Rent a furnished apartment in Neuss to explore the historic city and be conveniently located near Dusseldorf with 3 bridges (car and train).


The city centre forms the historic centre of Neuss with several churches and squares steeped in history. The main shopping street is also located here. Neuss is also very interesting culturally, as there are several theatres here, for example. Among them is the Neuss Globe Theatre, which is a replica of London’s Globe Theatre and hosts the annual Shakespeare Festival. Directly next door is the racecourse Neuss, where horse races and other events take place. If you are on a business trip to Neuss, you should rent a furnished apartment for temporary accommodation in Neuss South or the city centre, because here you are centrally connected by the main station and there are many parking possibilities for cars.


Neuss Hammfeld is particularly suitable if you want to commute to Dusseldorf. Whether by car or train, from here you only have to cross the Südbrücke (a bridge which is actually called Josef-Kardinal-Frings-Brücke, but nobody calls it that since its renaming in 2006) and you are already in Dusseldorf. In Neuss Hammfeld there is also the Rheinparkcenter, a mall where you have many shopping possibilities: From supermarkets, electrical shops and clothes shops to a food court, everything is available here. If you rent a furnished apartment in Neuss Hammfeld, you have everything you need for temporary living in Neuss.


Those who like it more rural are in the right place in Neuss Holzheim. The district is located a little outside of Neuss and Düsseldorf. But here you have the ski hall Neuss directly in the proximity, where you can go skiing on the weekend or after work or celebrate at the parties taking place here. Directly next door is a climbing park, which is also suitable for children. If you want to get to know the Rhineland village culture, you should rent a furnished apartment for temporary accommodation in Neuss Holzheim.

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