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Nuremberg Apartments

In Nuremberg modernity meets history. This is especially striking in the area around the Neue Museum. The modern museum building is surrounded by historic houses that date back to the 15th century. Nuremberg is well-known for the Kaiserburg (Nuremberg Castle) and the Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas market), that takes place every year around Christmas. Nuremberg was the first city to implement reformation. It is the birthplace of German artist Albrecht Dürer, after whom the Nuremberg airport was named in 2014. Rent a furnished apartment in Nuremberg and breathe in the historical air of the city.


Nuremberg Mitte has many urban districts. For example the Old Town is located here. The district around the Kaiserburg (Nuremberg Castle) is the historical center of the city. South of the Kaiserburg lies the central market, which is the city center of Nuremberg. That’s because it was once the biggest and most important trading center in Europe. Around that is a very vast pedestrian area. This is also where the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarket (Christmas market) takes place in winter. The districts that surround the inner city still belong to Nuremberg Mitte. Anyone who rents a furnished apartment here is connected very closely to the happenings of the city.


Nuremberg‘s district Gostenhof is located slightly outside of the city center but still belongs to Nuremberg Mitte. There isn’t much to explore historically in this part of town but everyone who likes unusual stores, art and merchandise will be happy with a furnished apartment in Gostenhof. This part of Nuremberg offers a versatile collection of bars, pubs and restaurants, creating a very pulsating nightlife. Because of the many clashing construction styles and the international atmosphere, Gostenhof is sometimes called “Klein-Kreuzberg” (Little Kreuzberg, after the vibrant district in Berlin).

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