Apartments for rent in Oldenburg

Oldenburg Apartments

With more than 160,000 inhabitants, the former residential town of Oldenburg is one of the four largest cities in Lower Saxony and offers stunning classicist architecture and a diverse cultural program. The unique combination of Oldenburg’s big city flair, green spaces, as well as its location in Germany, make the city an attractive business location for many banks, insurance companies, and other companies. The city is also known for its friendly inhabitants and many students. If you are looking for a flat in this city, take a look at Homelike’s selection of furnished apartments in Oldenburg and consider a lower-cost alternative to a hotel.


The city center of Oldenburg is the heart of the city. Here you’ll find the famous Oldenburg Castle, the former residence of the counts, dukes and grand dukes of Oldenburg. Today you can visit the State Museum of Art and Cultural History and also see the state rooms of the castle. This is definitely worth a visit if you have to work here and you or your company wants to rent  furnished apartments in Oldenburg for a limited period of time. Next to the castle, you will find the Schlosshöfe shopping center, which is not only very well suited for shopping fans with its more than 85 shops but also has a lot to offer in culinary terms.


Oldenburg Wechloy may be a mostly industrial area, but it also offers many green spaces. This makes the district particularly attractive for young people and families, as it also is an excellent place to spend a relaxed and quieter weekend. This district is located in the west of the city and borders directly on the city center. The university is also located here, and there are many shopping possibilities. If you rent a furnished apartment in Oldenburg Wechloy for a limited period of time, you will be able to get to the city center in just a few minutes by train.


In the Kreyenbrück district, you will find the medical campus of the University of Oldenburg and a large hospital. What is unique about this part of the city is that only a few elderly people live here. In addition, many cafés and restaurants make the area very attractive for everyone, and the district is well-connected to the city center. If you work in Oldenburg for an extended period of time, Kreyenbrück is also a great place to rent a furnished apartment.

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