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Speyer Apartments

Speyer was founded as early as 10 BC by the Romans under the name Noviomagus. In 1688 Speyer was occupied by French troops in the Palatine War of Succession and was burned down completely in 1689. Only in the first half of the 19th century was the city properly rebuilt, since Speyer became the district capital and administrative center of the Palatinate. Nowadays, various industries have settled in Speyer, among them the electrical industry, mechanical engineering and the chemical industry. A place worth visiting is the Museum of Technology. If you are looking for a furnished apartment for temporary accommodation in Speyer, you should have a look at our selection of apartments. Its proximity to Mannheim and Heidelberg (30 minutes each) also makes Speyer very attractive for business travelers.


Speyer Old Town is the historical and cultural centre of Speyer. The most famous sight is the Speyer Cathedral, around which you will find a lot of green space. But the whole old town with its many small alleys and half-timbered houses is very worth seeing. Here, for example, in the middle of an avenue of trees, you can find the statue of the stilted fish, which was erected to commemorate the former fish market and the fishermen. If you want to be in the middle of the city and enjoy the historical flair of Speyer, you should rent a furnished apartment from Homelike in the old town.


The most famous sight in Speyer West is the water tower, which is still in use today for the town’s water supply. Around it there is a settlement which, together with the water tower, is under monumental protection. Speyer West is particularly suitable for business travelers who like it quieter, as well as expats who travel to Speyer with their families. In Speyer West there are also two residential areas, Burgfeld and Erlich, which are suitable for temporary living in Speyer. Erlich is often called a “musician’s quarter” because its street names are those of composers.


By now, mainly industry has settled in Speyer Nord. But there are also some residential areas in this district. Therefore Speyer North is particularly suitable for business travelers who are temporarily in Speyer. Binshof is also close by, with many lakes and Binsfeld Beach, where you can relax in summer. The trains depart from the Speyer Nord-West station every half hour to Heidelberg and Mannheim and take about 30 minutes to the respective main station. Find your temporary business apartment in Speyer Nord now.

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