Furnished Apartments for Rent in Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden Apartments

The city of Wiesbaden is the capital of Hesse and is known for its hot springs, making Wiesbaden home to one of the oldest thermal spas in Europe. The city is characterised by neoclassical architecture, which is particularly evident in impressive buildings such as the Kurhaus, where Wiesbaden’s ballrooms and casino are located, and the city palace, where the Hessian parliament is located. Due to its proximity to Frankfurt am Main and Mainz, Wiesbaden is a great location for companies and a furnished apartment in Wiesbaden is ideal for a longer business stay.


The Rheingauviertel in Wiesbaden is characterized by its high standard of living. Most of the houses are built in Art Nouveau style, and in addition to a number of parks and gardens, there is a wide range of restaurants and cafés. The Rheingauviertel is an ideal place to live for a long-term business trip to Wiesbaden, during which you would also like to take your family with you. There are many playgrounds and schools here. So if you value idyllic living, you should rent a furnished apartment in Wiesbaden Rheingauviertel for temporary living.


Wiesbaden Southeast is ideal for business travelers looking for a furnished apartment for temporary living in Wiesbaden, as modern residential and office buildings are located here. Many businesses are based in this area, which is also home to the city administration and various court buildings. The connection is very good in Southeast Wiesbaden, as the Wiesbaden main station is located here.


The district of Breckenheim is located west of Wiesbaden, just outside the city. For those who prefer the countryside, this is the perfect location. This district is characterized by new housing estates and extensive fields that attract many hikers on weekends. Breckenheim is half an hour by car from Frankfurt. If you have to travel to Frankfurt on business but want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the big city and are willing to commute, you should rent a furnished apartment in Wiesbaden Breckenheim.


Wiesbaden Mitte is the historical heart of the city. In order to commemorate the origins of the city, a replica of the Roman gate was constructed here. In addition, there is a pedestrian zone here, which offers many shopping possibilities. Residential areas border the area, which has an astonishing amount of green space. Business travelers who are looking for a temporary apartment in Wiesbaden and appreciate the hustle and bustle of the city, with many events, and the tranquil atmosphere of a residential area, will find themselves at home in Wiesbaden Mitte.

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