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Finding furnished apartments in Zurich through Homelike

Zurich furnished rentals

Are you planning to move to Zurich? Finding a furnished apartment can be a daunting task. But don't worry, Homelike has got you covered! We're an online platform that specializes in high-quality furnished apartments for short and long-term stays.

With us, you can easily search for apartments based on your duration of stay, budget, and other preferences. Our platform offers a wide range of apartments in different neighborhoods in Zurich. You can choose from modern and sleek apartments to cozy and comfortable ones.

When you find your perfect apartment through Homelike, you can sit back and relax. HAll the paperwork happens online. Plus, our customer service is top-notch. We're always available to answer any questions you have and assist you throughout the renting process. So, what are you waiting for? Start your search for a furnished apartment in Zurich with Homelike today!

Homelike's Instant book feature also makes finding a furnished apartment in Zurich even easier. With Instant book, you can reserve your desired apartment with just a few clicks, without having to wait for the landlord's confirmation. So, you can rest easy knowing that your apartment is secured and ready for you when you arrive in Zurich.

Frequently Asked Questions about renting furnished apartments in Zurich

Homelike is an online platform that connects tenants with landlords offering high-quality furnished apartments in Zurich. You can browse apartments on the website, specify your search criteria, book your desired apartment through our regular or Instant Book feature, and move in hassle-free.

Depends on the landlord. But generally, you'll need to provide a valid ID such as a passport.

Homelike offers a wide range of furnished apartments in Zurich, ranging from basic to high-end. Most apartments come with basic amenities such as furniture, kitchen equipment, and internet. Some may also offer additional amenities like gym access and housekeeping.

Pet policies vary depending on the individual apartment's rules and regulations. While some Homelike furnished apartments may welcome pets, others may have specific pet restrictions or prohibit pets altogether. It's essential to check the specific policy of the apartment you are interested in on the Homelike website and to communicate with the apartment owner or management if you have any questions or concerns about pet policies. Use our Pets Allowed filter to find apartments that allow pets.

The cost of renting a furnished apartment in Zurich through Homelike varies depending on the location, duration of stay, and other factors. Prices start at around CHF 1,500 per month.

In most cases, you cannot. You can view photos and detailed information about the apartment online before booking it through Homelike.

If you need to cancel your reservation on Homelike, you'll need to contact us as soon as possible. The amount of your refund will depend on the cancellation policy of the apartment you've booked.

That depends on the apartment. Some apartments have self-checkin options. If that is the case, the landlord or property manager will share the codes and other information once booking is completed. In other cases, the landlord or a property manager will meet you to hand over the keys.

If you experience any issues with the apartment during your stay, you should contact your landlord or property manager first. If the issue isnt resolved, you can contact our customer service for assistance. We'll work with you and the landlord to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

After your stay, you'll receive an email from Homelike inviting you to leave a review of your experience. You can rate your stay and leave comments about the apartment and your interactions with the landlord and us. Your feedback will help other tenants make informed decisions when choosing an apartment through Homelike.

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