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Want to know about Amsterdam's best neighborhoods to find serviced apartments?

Whatever type of life you’re seeking in Amsterdam, we’ve got you covered. Want to know where to live in Amsterdam? Our ultimate guide to the best Amsterdam neighborhoods is all you need.

Amsterdam serviced apartments

Living in a serviced apartment in Amsterdam is the most simple and straightforward way to feel at home in the city.


Finding an apartment in Amsterdam can be a notoriously difficult task if you do it the traditional way. Vacant rooms and apartments are swiftly snapped up, viewings are attended by endless numbers of desperate would-be residents, and some landlords can be evasive and unreliable. 


But with a serviced apartment in Amsterdam, you don’t need to deal with any of that annoying stuff. You get a fully furnished, fully serviced apartment with no stress, and you get to start your new life right away with no barriers and no bureaucracy.


Our Amsterdam serviced apartments are comfortable, welcoming, spacious, beautifully furnished and an excellent solution for anyone who wants to relocate with no hassle.


We have apartments located throughout the entirety of the city. No matter which district, area or neighborhood you want to live in, we’ve got a serviced apartment for you there. But, like in any city, some neighborhoods are better than others – so here are the best neighborhoods to get a serviced apartment in Amsterdam…

De Wallen serviced apartments

De Wallen is the center of the center. If you want to live right in the heart of Amsterdam, consider a serviced apartment in De Wallen. Living here allows you to experience the city just like a tourist does – it’s the heart of the Centrum district, and it’s the oldest part of Amsterdam’s central region. Living here is pricey, but it’s worth it. Highlights in and around this area include all the big hitters, such as Anne Frank House, The 9 Streets, Rembrandt House Museum, a labyrinthine maze of kooky canals, and a load of alleged coffee shops.

Jordaan serviced apartments

Probably the most famous neighborhood in the Netherlands, Jordaan is the western section of Amsterdam Centrum, and lies only a short stroll from De Wallen. Once working class but now largely gentfied, Jordaan has a rugged but vibrant atmosphere which appeals to all the city’s hipsters. Here, you get countless kooky cafes, breakfasts, brunches, brilliant bars and a myriad of markets. But more than that, it’s an excellent place for young professionals, with great coworking spaces and a varied cast of bohemian locals and expats. If you like the sound of all that, consider a serviced apartment in Jordaan.

Museumkwartier serviced apartments

Of all the relatively central districts in Amsterdam, a serviced apartment in the Museumkwartier is our top pick for expats with a little more money. A leafy green area popular with families, the Museumkwartier lies just outside the official Centrum district, but it’s still right in the heart of the city. With gardens, parks and canals, it’s one of the world’s best city center green neighborhoods. Unsurprisingly packed with museums, this neighborhood is close to Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and many more, along with lots of kids’ attractions.

De Pijp serviced apartments

East of the Museumkwartier and south of De Wallen is De Pijp, which is the city’s biggest hipster hangout. Its population is largely home to creatives, bohemians and beatniks, while its streets ooze with an eclectic variety of edgy bars, cafes and nightlife venues. If you’re young, hip, and interested in exploring Amsterdam’s more alternative attractions, consider a serviced apartment in De Pijp.

Amsterdam Zuid serviced apartments

De Pijp is part of the larger district of Amsterdam Zuid, which translates to ‘Amsterdam South’. The biggest district we’ve featured so far, this neighborhood is home to lots of other small areas, making Amsterdam Zuid a diverse and appealing place to get a serviced apartment. If you’re a young professional, you’ll find lots of growing businesses here, especially in the Zuidas area. If you’re moving with your family, you’ll find lots of vivid verdant spaces. If you want a quiet life, you’ll find lots of residential areas. In short, whoever you are, you might just love the vast region of Amsterdam Zuid.

Amsterdam Noord serviced apartments

On the other side of the city’s IJ river is Amsterdam Noord, which (as you’ve probably worked out by now) translates to ‘Amsterdam North’. A serviced apartment in Amsterdam Noord is a great choice if you want to live relatively cheaply and relatively centrally. Another huge area, this district was once home to uninteresting stretches of industrialism, but it’s rapidly being transformed into a diverse and welcoming home for expats from around the world.

De Bijlmer serviced apartments

A serviced apartment in De Bijlmer is another good choice for newcomers on a budget. Once notoriously dangerous, the area now possesses a vibrant, colorful, multicultural atmosphere. Brightly-painted homes and murals sit side-by-side with high-rise apartments and affordable housing. Also known as Bijlmer and Bijlmermeer, the neighborhood is safe, residential and affordable, and it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a quiet life on the outskirts of the city center.

Amsterdam Nieuw-West serviced apartments

Again, a serviced apartment in Amsterdam Nieuw-West is an excellent and affordable option for expats eager to live on a budget. It’s also a fantastic option if you like feeling like a local – because it’s on the outskirts of the city, you won’t find many tourists here, but you’ll find lifelong locals along with expats from around the world. There’s not an abundance of excitement on offer here, but Amsterdam Nieuw-West offers a tranquil life for couples and families.

Westerpark serviced apartments

If you want to live affordably but relatively centrally, a serviced apartment in Westerpark is the best option. This district is straddled right between the outskirts and the center, making for a brilliant compromise between a quiet life and an exciting one. This northwestern district is full of young families, young expats and young professionals, and it’s home to the vast park which the area is named after. Packed with waterways, cycle routes and lots of chillout spots, it’s a great place to relax. But there’s also lots of excitement on offer here, with fantastic festivals, music venues and events. Lively yet relaxing, Westerpark is the epitome of balance.

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