Serviced apartments in Brussels

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FAQs about renting serviced apartments in Brussels

Depending on the size and location of the apartment, serviced apartments in Brussels can cost anywhere between €750 to €4,000/month. This fee will often include most of the utilities and internet connection. For far more luxurious serviced apartments, the monthly figure can rise to the tens of thousands.

Families looking for serviced apartments in Brussels will find the family-friendly neighborhoods of Etterbeek, Woluwe Saint Lambert, Schaarbeek, and Ixelles the most welcoming. The mix of good schools, green areas, and spacious apartments all make these districts ideal places for families.

Those looking for budget-friendly neighborhoods in Brussels should look to the districts of Foret, Schaerbeek, and Anderlecht. These are the most affordable places in which to live in Brussels.

Long-term serviced apartments and aparthotels can be found all across Brussels. With the help of Homelike’s helpful website, you can find a huge variety of furnished apartments to suit every need.

Most serviced apartments are designed to be stayed in for a month or two, depending on the arrangement. There are often options to extend the stay for far longer, reaching long-term stays of up to six months or more.