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Temporary housing in Stuttgart

Temporary housing in Stuttgart

Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg, is one of the most profitable cities in Germany. The automotive sector, along with the high-tech industry, are firmly rooted in Stuttgart. These include the companies such as Daimler, Porsche, Siemens and Lenovo. The city also serves as one of the most important financial centres in Germany. Thanks to the international network of many companies in Stuttgart, business travelers are often attracted to the city, causing the demand for furnished apartments in Stuttgart to steadily increasing. But Stuttgart is not the only industry and economy. The university and its institutes are among the most innovative universities in the country. Around 11% of all research funding in Germany is awarded to Stuttgart.

Furnished apartments in Stuttgart

Furnished apartments in Stuttgart

Staying in Stuttgart with family

Staying in Stuttgart with family

Popular neighbourhoods in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is one of Germany’s economic hubs. You can feel it in the city. Depending on each family’s situation and interests, different districts are attractive. Here you will find the highlights and special features of Stuttgart Zuffenhausen, Vaihingen, Weilimdorf, Stuttgart-East and Botnang:

The district of Stuttgart Mitte

„Stuttgart Mitte” is the heart of the city and has become very popular again since the 1980s due to numerous renovation work. It is also the economic and political center of Baden-Württemberg and there are a lot of museums, shops and events. This is why the rent is the highest here and you often pay a lot for a night in a hotel. Therefore you should consider a furnished apartment of Homelike in Stuttgart Mitte as a cheaper alternative and a way to live in Stuttgart’s city center.

The district of Stuttgart Zuffenhausen

Stuttgart Zuffenhausen is probably the most important automobile and industrial locations in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. Porsche, one of the most successful automobile manufacturers in the world, is firmly anchored in Zuffenhausen and still manages the company from the Stuttgart district in the north. In the same way as in other parts of the city, a large part of the residential buildings were built in the 1950s and 1960s when there was an acute lack of living space during the economic miracle years. Thanks to the economic position of the district, some prestigious residential projects were implemented. Entire residential areas were newly created, including the high-rise apartment complex “Romeo & Juliet,” which was the architect Scharoun’s tallest building. Construction projects are still being carried out today and a new, modern living space has been created alongside existing housing estates.

Stuttgart’s district Vaihingen

If you are looking for the most innovative and productive district, Stuttgart’s Vaihingen cannot be beat. The university campus is home to a large number of institutes which often establish the basis of national development and are extremely forward-looking. A good example of this is the Stuttgart Engineering Park. After its long tradition as an industrial and commercial center, Stuttgart Vaihingen became a residential area in the mid-1950s. Within a very short time, a large number of apartments were built to counter the lack of housing. In the meantime, these buildings have largely been modernized. Although Vaihingen is located on the south-western edge of the city, it is nevertheless easy to reach by the well-developed transport infrastructure. As a place of education, this district attracts mainly students. In addition, Vaihingen offers many jobs due to the high density of research facilities. Temporary activities and project work are carried out by employees of various sectors in the district.

Living in Stuttgart Botnang

Stuttgart’s Botnang is a green oasis in the middle of the city. Thanks to the immediate proximity to forests and water, the district used to be important for laundry and bleaching services for Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart. Today, it offers many recreational areas within the city, which is why it is particularly popular with families. The development and selection of apartments is diverse. You will find both high-rise buildings as well as modern and smaller rental units. Old buildings, on the other hand, are rare. This diversity is also reflected in the rental prices. Today, Stuttgart’s Botnang is predominantly a residential area, which is why it is rather peaceful. Similar to other districts, much has happened over the past few years. In addition to the construction of apartments, work was also carried out on the transport infrastructure.