10 Best Neighborhoods in Stuttgart

Best Places to Live in Stuttgart: Your Guide to the City’s Top 10 Neighborhoods

Comparing Stuttgart to Germany’s many other metropolitan cities, it may seem small. However, look a little closer and you’ll notice that this underrated city packs a punch. Dominated by its urban center, but loved for the rolling hills, valleys, and vineyards that surround the city, Stuttgart offers an unmissable balance of city and countryside living. 

Home to 600,000 people, scattered across five inner-city regions (Mitte, Nord, Ost, Sud, and West) and outer 18 suburbs, deciding on the best neighborhoods in Stuttgart for your wants and needs isn’t always an easy task. Luckily, with so much variety, it won’t be long until you find your perfect spot in the sixth-largest city in Germany.

To make everything a little easier, we’ve put together some of the best places to live in Stuttgart, from the family-friendly Stuttgart Sud to Bad Canstatt which is packed full of the city’s best attractions.

10 Stuttgart neighborhoods at a glance

Stuttgart Stadtmitte

Stuttgart Ost

Stuttgart West

Bad Cannstatt


Stuttgart Sud

Stuttgart Nord




1. Piccadilly

Best for: Young professionals, famous shopping streets, and sampling both German and international cuisine.


Considered to be the heart of the city, Stuttgart Stadtmitte is made for those that love being smack-bang in the middle of the hustle and bustle. A cross-section of city life, streets are governed by offices and commercial shops, pulling in a largely young and professional crowd. 


Due to this, housing can be extremely competitive here, and securing a serviced apartment in Stuttgart Stadtmitte before you arrive is advised. While this does tend to mean the cost of living is slightly higher than in other areas in Stuttgart, you can enjoy the convenience of having everything you need within walkable distance.


Saying that, Stuttgart Stadtmitte isn’t just for the high-flyers; there’s plenty of culture to be soaked up too. Home to the Friedrichsbau Theater, Staatsgalerie (art gallery), and a number of historic palaces, there’s enough to satisfy the inner tourist in you too. 


Coupled with the many bars, restaurants, and cafes dotted around town, Stuttgart Mitte becomes one of the best neighborhoods in Stuttgart for those who don’t mind the crowded streets.

2. Stuttgart Ost

Best for: Quiet residential streets, easy access to the hills, and family-friendly housing.


Heading out into the eastern suburbs of Stuttgart, you’ll find the village-esque neighborhood of Stuttgart Ost. Comprising several smaller village-type areas, including Ostheim, Gablenberg, and Stockach, Stuttgart Ost has plenty of living options. Merging from a city suburb into an open hillside, Stuttgart Ost is a premier outer neighborhood, complete with detached residences, luxurious apartments, and a real community atmosphere. 


Promoting much more of a “local” feel compared to suburbs like Bad Connstaatt or Stuttgart Mitte, this is a place where families and residents quietly go about their day, walking to the neighborhood schools, and getting some fresh air in the public parks.


Other than the idyllic suburban life that Stuttgart Ost offers up, this is one of the best neighborhoods in Stuttgart in terms of historic architecture. Here, you’ll find everything from medieval townhouses to art nouveau apartment blocks making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing neighborhoods in the city too.

Stuttgart old town

3. Stuttgart West

Best for: Convenient living, excellent entertainment options, and a quick commute to the city center. 


Similar to Stuttgart Stadtmitte, Stuttgart West is a varied neighborhood that provides easy public transport connections into both the city center and the nearby hills, while also boasting plenty of entertainment options to fill your evenings and weekends. 


From locally-run theatres to world-renowned plays, weekly street food markets selling international delights to local restaurants cooking up German staples, there’s always something to keep you busy.


Despite being a densely populated area, there are a number of smaller green spaces to escape when a little more peace and quiet is in order. Take a quick 20-minute walk outside of the area and you’ll be at one of the highest viewpoints in the city – perfect for a quick breather.


Popular amongst young career types, housing here tends to come in the form of high-rise flats and studio apartments. If you can look past the above-average rent prices, Stuttgart West is one of the best places to live in Stuttgart.

Residential area in Stuttgart

4. Bad Cannstatt

Best for: Exploring tourist attractions, affordable accommodation, and natural spa experiences. 


If you’re not sure where to live in Stuttgart, Bad Canstatt is a fantastic place to start. Home to some of the city’s most popular museums, including the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums, as well as the host to the city’s largest beer festivals, Bad Canstatt is a hive of activity, no matter what time of the year you decide to visit. 


For any football fans out there, you’ll find the Mercedes Benz Arena here too, which seats up to 60,000 people and gives you a chance to soak up Germany’s sporty side. 


The MineralBad Springs is another reason why so many choose to settle in this area of Stuttgart. The second-largest natural spring in Europe, tourists and locals alike come from miles around to soak up the healing properties of the water and to relax and unwind.


With all of these tourist hotspots packed into one neighborhood, Bad Canstatt can get extremely busy with visitors, especially at the weekend. However, offering up affordable, spacious accommodation and convenient public transport links into the city, there’s no question that this is one of the best neighborhoods in Stuttgart.

5. Degerloch

Best for: Quiet, family-friendly living, spacious accommodation, and low-traffic streets. 


Degerloch is the quiet suburban neighborhood you’ve been dreaming about in Stuttgart. While it may not have the choice of bars, restaurants, and tourist attractions that other neighborhoods do, it comes up trumps with its roomy and affordable accommodation, an array of outdoor spaces, and handy cycle paths.


Along with its many cycle routes, Degerloch is home to a tram line and train station, making it relatively quick and easy to get in, and out, of the city. Alternatively, if you’ve got a car, parking is a breeze compared to the inner-city areas. Plus, some houses have private parking spaces and even a garage for safekeeping.


You’ll have to compromise on entertainment in Degerloch though, as this tranquil neighborhood is better suited to a low-key lifestyle. Saying that, you’ll still find all of the supermarkets and stores that you’ll need to pick up your essentials.

Library in Stuttgart

6. Stuttgart Sud

Best for: Historic hotspots, hillside living, and vineyards galore. 


Laced in history, Stuttgart Sud was once a small farming community that has grown into a thriving neighborhood that makes up one of Stuttgart’s five inner-city areas. 


Spread across the Stuttgart hillsides, the neighborhood is known for its variety of vineyards and fantastic wines, along with its historical sites including St. Eberhard’s Cathedral and the Haslacher Cemetry. It’s also known for the Heslacher Hocketse festival, one of the oldest street festivals in the city.


Enjoying close proximity to downtown, but still rising into the green and luscious hillsides, Stuttgart Sud is all about a life of balance. Just moments away near Marienplatz, you’ll find every restaurant, shop, and bar you need, whether it’s a weekly shop for the family or a night out with your friends. 


Head into the greener realms of the neighborhood and you’ll be moments away from world-famous wineries including the family-run Collegium Wirtemberg. If you’re looking for one of the best areas to live in Stuttgart for the best of both worlds, Stuttgart Sud is a great option.

7. Stuttgart Nord

Best for: Fresh air, city views, family-friendly living, and international gardens. 


Another of the best neighborhoods to live in Stuttgart is Stuttgart Nord, an inner-city suburb, with a mix of greenery and metropolitan convenience. 


Much like the southern neighborhood of Stuttgart Sud, this area is dominated by quaint residential streets, dotted with open green spaces including the endless Killesberg Hill park, and the stunning English Gardens at Rosenstein Park.


Popular with young families, a quick commute to the city center takes just 30-minutes for mum and dad, while the area is abundant with schools suitable for all ages.

Stuttgart at dusk

8. Möhringen

Best for: River views, small community ambiance, and detached housing with large yards. 


Perched on the edge of the Fildern River, Möhringen gives you a taste of city life without the hustle and bustle you come to expect from the inner city neighborhoods. When it comes to where to live in Stuttgart, this is a unique opportunity to embrace a small-town lifestyle.


It’s tucked away in the southern realms of the city, which means your commute may be longer, but rent prices tend to be more affordable, houses more spacious and streets a lot more family-friendly. 


A town in itself, the center of the Möhringen neighborhood is full of local stores, from fresh food grocers and local butchers to locally-run opticians and friendly pharmacies. So, while it may take you a little longer to make your way into the center of Stuttgart, you shouldn’t have a problem finding everything you need right here.

Stuttgart St John's Church

9. Esslingen

Best for: Wine tasting, getting lost in the rolling hills and quaint German streets. 


Esslingen may be a little too far out of the city for some, but for others, this could be the quintessential German neighborhood you’ve been looking for. Cobblestone streets and timber houses are interspersed with picturesque canal waterways and vineyards, all of which tempt a small handful of people to move here each year. 

Alongside its picture-perfect streets, Esslingen is home to one of just a handful of zoos close to the city, Nymphaea Zoo, and the Esslinger Burg, a historic castle with stunning views across the lanscape. Just a 14-minute minute commute to the center of Stuttgart on the fast train this vineyard-laden town is outer city living at its best; none of the crowds but all of the convenience.

10. Vaihingen

Best for: Students, affordable housing, and quiet living.


Home to Stuttgart’s largest university, Universität Stuttgart, Vaihingen is, unsurprisingly, a popular choice with students. Despite this, this quaint suburb in the very southwestern corner of Stuttgart remains its small-town feel. 


It may not be the hive of activity that you’ll see in Stuttgart’s inner-city suburbs, but there’s enough here to keep you busy, including a few local bars and restaurants, and a variety of shops to keep you stocked up with all of life’s essentials. 


What makes Valihingen one of the best neighborhoods to live in Stuttgart isn’t just its affordable housing, but its quick commute to downtown, which takes just 10-minutes on the train. Whether you’re living on a budget, after a traditionally German place to live, or heading to university in Stuttgart, Vailhingen is a fantastic choice.

Final Thoughts on the Best Neighborhoods in Stuttgart

Hopefully, this guide has given you a better understanding of the best areas to live in in Stuttgart and where to look for apartments. As one of German’s largest cities, there is a huge variety to choose from, from the quiet suburban gems, packed with green spaces and ideal for families with little ones, to the city’s nucleus, peppered with cultural sites, restaurants, and bars.

When it comes to the cost of living, Stuttgart is similar to other German cities in that its inner neighborhoods tend to be more expensive. So, if you’re working to a budget, it may be worth looking at the neighborhoods that are a little outside of the central regions. Plus, with an excellent public transport system, and high-speed trains connecting most neighborhoods to Stuttgart-Mitte, commute times rarely exceed 30-minutes. 

All in all, finding the best neighborhoods in Stuttgart comes down to your personal wants and needs. Each area offers up its own perks and pitfalls, whether it be the cost of living, the number of green spaces, the choice of entertainment, or access to schools. Happy hunting!

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