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Paris furnished rentals

Paris, also known as the city of lights, is the most visited city in the world and not just in France. It has an undeniable lure and people from all over the planet dream of living and working there.


Finding an apartment that suits your requirements and budget in Paris can be difficult owing to the high demand for rental properties. Every affordable and desirable apartment gets snapped up in no time.


Moving to Paris and wondering how to find an apartment for rent? Homelike offers furnished rentals with everything you need for short and long stays. Simply find an apartment you like and send us a request to book it.


For those of you who do not know Paris and its different neighborhoods, we have put together a great guide that tells you about the best neighborhoods in Paris for your lifestyle, family situation, and budget.

Want to know about the best neighborhoods in Paris to find furnished apartments?

Home to 20 neighborhoods, or arrondissements à la française, choosing the best Parisian neighborhood for your wants and needs isn’t the easiest task. Unique to Paris, the arrondissements are organized in a spiral formation, with 1 to 11 making up the central area of the city, and 12 to 20 situated a little further out. 

Tips on moving to Paris

If moving to Paris conjures up images of moonlit walks along the Seine, enjoying a croissant et café in the morning and alfresco dining in the evening, then you’d be right. But just before you can take in all of the joys that Paris has to offer, you need to sort out some of the practical stuff.

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