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Homelike is the most trusted and safe marketplace for monthly stays. We verify all of our hosts and provide a safe and secure booking platform used by thousands of customers from around the world.

Our Customers

Homelike is used by thousands of customers worldwide, including some of the largest companies in the world.

Only Verified Hosts

All our hosts are verified by our expert vetting and onboarding team. A strict anti-fraud and financial verification is done through the trusted payments platform, Stripe. If a host doesn’t meet our high standards, we won’t allow them to be listed on our platform. It’s as simple as that.


To provide more confidence to you, you’ll see a β€œTrusted landlord” badge on all listings where there has been at least one successful booking on Homelike.


Our experts have verified over 15,000 hosts (and counting!), making Homelike one of the most used and trusted platforms around.

Risk Scoring βœ…

Before confirming every booking, we use predictive analytics to evaluate hundreds of signals that are specific to our industry. This helps us flag risks automatically before they happen and helps to ensure you always have a positive booking experience.

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Payment Protection

We understand payment security is a concern for our customersβ€”and so it should be. After all, we’re also users of our own product so it’s important to us, too.


We offer 3D secure verification. It’s an authentication feature for online payments that ensures the security of your payment, providing you with 100% confidence.

Quality comes standard

Finding quality accommodation can be a challenge, but with Homelike, we only deal with professional hosts and have made sure that all offered apartments have the standards that you need, including:

Health & Safety Preparedness

On top of our stringent apartment standards, we also prioritize apartments that abide by our enhanced hygiene and cleaning practices. Hygiene items at your disposal, self-check-in, and options for regular hygiene cleaning during your tenancy are all considered to reassure tenant safety and wellbeing.

Personal Reservations Manager

You’ll have access to a personal reservations manager to help you with any queries related to your stay or the booking process.


Our goal is to ensure you have the best experience finding the best home available.

We’re here if you need us β™₯️

We are happy to provide you with dedicated support in 5 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, and Dutch) by phone or via our contact us form.


Our FAQ Help Center is also a great resource to answer most questions you may have.

Simple Online Booking Process

Find your next home in 5 easy steps.

Find your apartment online.
Request the selected apartment (or select an Instant Booking apartment to book immediately).
Book the furnished apartment and pay online.
Sign the lease agreement online.
Move-in and get settled and homelike.

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Why book with Homelike?

β€œHomelike apartments are perfect for long-term projects in another city!
So far, I have only had positive experiences with professional customer service which saves us a lot of work when making a booking. All in all, I can certainly recommend Homelike!”
Laura H. | Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing
β€œHomelike offers our employees an uncomplicated process in their search for accommodation as well as the booking of the suitable apartment. For some years now, we have been able to rely on the fast, competent help and support of the responsible key account management, which puts our employees in good hands. The company account in particular reflects the professionalism of Homelike as a cooperation partner: On the one hand, the employees can manage their booking processes clearly and independently. On the other hand, as an employer we get an overview of all booking processes and thus have the possibility to call up corresponding evaluations via this portal, if required.”
Nadine D. & Christine K.
β€œThanks to the great, competent key account management.
You always feel well looked after. Homelike is solution-oriented, fast and customer-friendly.”
Julia V. | People and Culture Specialist, Tech
PIR Group
β€œOur experience with The Homelike has been very good.
Quick response time to additional questions or clarifications and great suggestions for accommodations that match our clients’ needs.”
Sorayda K. | Immigration & Relocation Consultant
β€œWe feel confident recommending The Homelike to the expats we help move to Germany thanks to their great customer service. Our clients can easily register their address, and any issues are solved promptly. We've particularly appreciated their excellent communication and flexibility with bookings during COVID-19 - The Homelike truly provides superior customer support compared to other booking platforms we've used.”
Arianna S. | Relocation Support Team
"This is my first time using Homelike and I like it. The service is great, the guys at Homelike are very helpful if you have questions or need assistance. And most importantly, the apartment I booked looks exactly like what I’ve seen on the pictures, no surprises whatsoever."

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